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  1. 18 minutes ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

    For the thousandth time:

    Yahoo percent owned and percent played statistics are totally useless.  No one should ever looks at them, notice them let alone think they mean anything.

    They are based on ALL leagues at Yahoo and 95% of them are casual public leagues where you are lucky if 3 or 4 managers in these 12 team leagues remain active more than a month.  Most just set their line-up once and leave for the year.


    I don't think they're "totally useless." I get your point but while the ownership number is still high active league owners may be dropping him. We should be looking a the trend down as opposed to the nominal. 

  2. Anybody have a feeling on Anderson in the 2nd half? Can he provide some late help in Aug/Sep?

    Are you asking if he can stay healthy for 6-8 weeks? I'm gonna go out on the limb and say No.

    I have a hunch Anderson if he does come back healthy to the bigs this year will be in the pen. It just might better suit him, with his track record of injuries. Plus he's a lefty. As well as Straily has pitched well and Sonny Gray is looking MLB ready... With the depth in The A's rotation it's time to start looking forward....

    I hope you're wrong. Talent-wise, Anderson is the best starter we have and it would be a shame for him to waste away in the bullpen. I don't have all the details on his most recent injuries, but if my memory serves me correct they were kind of fluky. I think he just needs to take his time to fully heal up (as we has been this go-round) and come back strong when he is ready. The A's have played so well without him that it'll be icing on the cake if he makes it back.

  3. Seagers ball was a dink off the glove of Lowrie and of course they rule it a hit instead of an error. Would have made all the runs unearned. I swear official scorers are just out to get me this year. EVERYTHING is a freaking hit.

    There have been so many score corrections this year so hopefully you get that one back in a day or two.

  4. Have you watched George play D? He probably deserves consideration for first team all defense. Batum is a solid defender, but George is better IMO. George just locks people down.

    Granger's a FA after next season, so he won't be in Indiana long-term. Lillard and Aldridge are in Portland long-term, so George will have a lot less competition. The biggest obstacle for George as an offensive player is that he's poor at drawing fouls and doesn't really finish well around the rim. Drawing fouls is a skill, and George doesn't have a knack for it at this point. He's kind of awkward finishing around the rim for a guy of his size and athleticism. Most of his big scoring games are where he just gets red hot behind the arc.

    I never said George was a bad defender. I have watched him play, and he definitely is solid at the end of the floor. However, Batum is on a whole different level. He's one of the few players in the league that I've watched who can seemingly shut down the game's premier offensive players without an effort. To be fair, his defense has not been up to his par this season most likely due to a heavy workload, but I'd definitely take Batum's defense ahead of George's.

    The few Portland games I've seen they put Matthews on the other teams primary scorer, including lebron.

    From what I've seen they typically rotate Matthews and Batum throughout the game off their best scorer. I'm not sure who gets the bulk of that time though...

  5. For Keeper Leagues:

    K-Love/A Davis/George/Batum

    I'm loving Batum's production this year but I just think there's too much future risk with these temperamental Euro players...

    I have no idea what that means and Batum is a better keeper and a better player than George.

    I think George will be better than Batum...

    Batum is on a team stacked with good players and is the 3rd option.

    George is going to be the go to guy in the coming years for the Pacers and the Pacers are trying to move Granger. Not to mention, George is younger too and more raw/better size/more athletic.

    Agree on situation, but respectfully diagree on the talent part. I find Batum to be superior, especially considering he is producing late first round value not being the "go-to" guy on his team.

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  6. And not to get too off topic but Tyler hansbrough is a black hole offensively.

    Credit to George though, even when hes slumping he's determined to shoot his way out of it. sometimes it works out like against the heat the other night, but as all PG owners know he'll have the occasional 4-18 game.

    He also makes up for it with his activity on defense and the boards. This guy performs like an elite defender. He ought to be on the all-defensive team this year.

    Yep, 9 rebs, 6 stls, 1 blk so far tonight and he has managed to shoot himself out of the slump and is at 43% FG right now.

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