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  1. Are most people waiting to pay until the league fills? So far only 3/12 paid
  2. This matchup is too good to pass up, Lamar could throw for <100 yds and still put up a solid game with the rushing and tds he’s likely to garner. If you have the room sign Dalton just in case something happens and you can fire up Andy if Lamar doesn’t end up playing.
  3. 11/12 paid one more needed must pay prior to draft. https://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league/join?leagueId=1403278439&inviteId=702407a1-d908-474b-821e-894d647fce87
  4. Is he waiting for full league? If so I’m sure we can get one more and go tonight..
  5. 9/12 in and paid! 3 more needed! All payments due prior to draft! Drafting tonight!
  6. It also locks if league is full which is why it’s pertinent to get everyone paid before it locks.
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