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  1. Nothing's really changed with the prognosis, Glasnow was always going to be a 2016 mid-season call up, that remains true today. That said, Glasnow has moved himself into an emergency call-up if the injury bug gets ugly. I think with Happ / Blanton / Worley / Locke, the chances are slim to none, but if Liriano or Cole go down all bets are off.
  2. If you listen to Foul line, he was certain to get a cup of coffee last year, and is a mortal lock to be up this year! If however, you live in the real world and pay any attention to the pirates ... Glasnow just got sent from camp to AA Altoona. Expectations are he spends 90 to 100% of the year there, best case he dominates and jumps to AAA late in the year. Potential Super Two in 2016. Don't be surprised if Glasnow struggles in AA, he has to learn to pitch, not just overpower.
  3. If he pulls his head out of the sand, you can find quotes from Glasnow himself saying he often can't throw his change up or curve for strikes, and has to overpower with his fastball. He may get crushed in AA if that doesn't change, let alone the majors. Good news, he's a fricking prospect! His development is normal, and if he keeps development going, he has SP1 upside, but he isn't anywhere near the majors and anyone saying otherwise has no idea what they're saying.
  4. Outside of an injury I am damn positive he will make it to the majors. This kind of dominance is rare. Still think he's on his way for a cup of coffee? lol
  5. How many innings do you think he gets in the AFL? I can't imagine too many.
  6. He won't be in the majors next year. I will bet whatever you wish.
  7. Also, the Pirates are one of the most conservative teams with promotions, they don't promote out of AA, not their organizational philosophy.
  8. Everyone needs to calm down. Tyler works entirely off his fastball, its a nasty, dominant pitch. Unfortunately, his secondary stuff needs work. I wouldn't even call his change average yet. He would get eaten alive in a jump to the bigs. Tyler will open in AA, he'll continue to work on his control, and will start working on his secondary offerings. This has been a terrific season for him, but he won't be up next year, you'll see him in 2016.
  9. I'd be wary on Greinke. I like the guy, think he should bounce back, but I really worry about the Brewers defense. I personally really like Hughes.
  10. Before everyone gets too many stars in their eyes, remember, the key IMO to Hamels upside is the assumption of improved control on his secondary pitches. Without that, he'll be an = to small +, the + coming only because of a slight upgrade in W's, his other numbers should be flat.
  11. I personally am enamored with Hamels. As an avid Phillies fan, I've followed him for a long time now. Hamels down year in 2009 was mainly due to a lack of conditioning. The guy came off a WS MVP and slacked off. He wasn't in shape, was behind all spring, never was able to get to where he was used to, and lost significant velocity because of it. You can also make a BABIP argument here as well. In 2010, he improved on his conditioning, and re-gained his velocity. He also added a third pitch (cutter), and mixes in a 4th (curve) on occasion. All accounts say Hamels is in the best shape of
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