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  1. Its only a 12 man league but it's fairly deep due to several W/R/T spots and a deep bench. One of my league mates offered his Kamara for my Joe Mixon and Melvin Gordon. My team is fairly deep so I'm tempted to take the deal. Thoughts? Here is my roster Russ Wilson Edelman Tyler Lockett CMcCaffrey Joe Mixon Dawson Knox (Kittle bye week filler) James White Courtland Sutton DK Metcalf Start of bench: D Inman John Brown Kittle Brees R Penny Melvin Gordon DJ Chark Justice Hill Fairbairn, Balt D any
  2. Does anyone think Nate Jones is anywhere close to being given a shot? He has been quite a bit better than Soria, but I guess they don't have much incentive to win at this point. Are they just trying to build up Soria's trade value by getting him as many saves as possible? I didn't see much commentary last night and I don't know what the general consensus is around here, just curious.
  3. A very unhelpful poster.

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