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  1. Fenam

    AJ Reed - 1B HOU

    First time in AAA: 6 HR Raised BB% vs AA '15 Strikeout rate not too much higher than AA '15. Higher BB/K than '15 AA .229 ISO. .790 OPS .243 BABIP I'm not displeased with how he's adjusting. I'm holding him for the season and maybe career. See you in June slugger!
  2. Fenam

    AJ Reed - 1B HOU

    Yeah sir, I have to agree with Absknicks. You have absolutely no idea what the hell your talking about. Sorry....just saying Thanks for just saying, rather than really saying. The super two cut-off for Reed is around June 10th. Correa was brought up around June 10th. I know your fantasy team desires generally takes precedence over real baseball moves, but I'm just going off the information in front of me. Those two pieces of information are hardly nothing. I drafted Reed in the off chance he was given the job out of ST and in case there is an early call-up. None of the baseball savants he
  3. Fenam

    AJ Reed - 1B HOU

    He'll be called up around the time Correa was called up. Why would they rush him when they didn't Correa? I think they are gunning for the playoffs this year still but dem nerds love to optimize their projected output. Around June 10th.
  4. Last season I watched multiple free games and then about a month into the season MLB.TV offered me half off to sign up because I had been watching the free games (make sure you're logged in). Also random LPT: I hear that if you're thinking of getting blacked out at a party you should probably turn your unlocator on on your router... I mean cell phone.
  5. A great mind. Glad to have met your acquaintance.

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