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  1. Finally my Pads got one. Now there gonna throw 3!!! is Musgrove Prellers best move of 2021
  2. my guess is hes probably not going to play catcher hes essentially the 3rd C, although I assumed Grandal would be doing alot of DH, this kinda kills that pick
  3. really quick, almost looks like when you tomahawk a ball but on something low
  4. best hitter in baseball getting today off?? (Hosmer)
  5. Padres Darvish Snell Musgrove Morejon Paddack
  6. except you looked back cause you are here
  7. I started Allen but would have won no matter who I started
  8. I forgot about Choo, but yah this doesnt bode well for success, although it seems like most guys come over around age 30, this kid is 25, and apparently going to basically be their Profar. Honestly as a Padre fan I would have rather given the same contract to Profar or even a little more, but maybe he wanted guaranteed playing
  9. so the Padres basically gave up Patino and a year of Davies, and a bunch of prospects 10-30 range for 2 elite SP, and still have Gore, Campusano, Abrams, Weathers and Harrell I love AJ
  10. Nightingale tweets it’s Darvish and caratini. Campusano not involved. Interesting
  11. so Choo whats the details on this dude, RH/LH/SW etc? as a Padre fan I am not a fan of this signing, we have missed out on every Asian import since Fukudome and been quite thankful each time
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