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  1. At 1-5 I may just start him with the off chance he goes off, my opponent will be pi$$ed...
  2. I'm hoping this game is his avg (although I'd certainly take higher). In his 1st 2 full games (WAY small sample size, I know) he's put up 18.3 & 13 and averaging 4.6 ypc...I'll take it. In my league, if yer putting up 12ppg yer in the top 10-12...Let's just hope he keeps getting fed, stays healthy and productive.
  3. I was a little nervous after he had that ugly drop in the 1st qtr...but he looks like he's a competent receiver out of the BF. Weeks 15-16 are ugly, but I'm just happy to have a guy who's going to get the rock 20+ and mostly likely the RZ/GL too.
  4. TE#4 the last 3 years for a team that is depleted with regards to players who catch the ball (aside from CMC)..welcome back Olsen, not a minute too late.
  5. That's good info right there...I will say when Julio had that 1 on 1 in the EZ last night, that ball was junk. I don't know if it was a bad route (JJ looked too close to the sideline), but the ball was high & outside. All I know is that every season there's some player(s) who will begin the season crazy hot, then fade away...and there's those who do the opposite. Julio is clearly the kind of player who can carry your team IF he gets hot, and we still have 5 FFL games to go. I will say I feel like we're seeing more In-Game gimpyness out him in 2017.
  6. I don't watch a lot of Seattle games, but last night, he looked like if he touched the ball more, he could have done something with it (specifically when you compare what he was doing with what the other guys were doing). I have to believe (most likely foolishly) that PC saw a spark there too. Nevertheless, he's an add & watch this week (like Perine was last week)
  7. Right? And against 2 back-up DB's...I would have though JJ11 was going to feast. I'm still trying to trade FOR him...but I won't be all that upset if the owner turns it down (as he has done 3 other times this season)
  8. Shhh...That's where my reverse jinx is supposed to come into play. It hasn't happened, and as I Falcons fan, I'm hoping they're still on the way.
  9. Super subjective, I know, but tonight, he passed the eye test for me. I'll be looking to add offa waivers this week (at the expense of Rod Smith)
  10. He looks to have skills, and he's getting the looks, now it's up to him (and MM) to turn those looks into something. I think (hope) this game vs Indy is his coming out party.
  11. [I'm mostly bringing this up in order to create a reverse jinx] As a previous owner of JJ11 (and I've even tried to trade for him this season) I feel yer pain. After that 1st sideline masterful catch his evening, I was thinking this is the game...But sadly I think he is (perennially) knicked up and the offense is still just a few degrees off. He's actually been worse than I feared this season. That said, I'm about to go after him (Mixon + Crabtree) cuz I am hopeful.
  12. I dumped Cam directly before he blew up (for those 3 games...and had to hear about it)...I think this trade does negatively impact Cam's value as KB was a nice big bodied target that drew additional attention. I don't know who fills that role now, and whomever it is, likely isn't KB (who I think is a talented WR)
  13. I have no defense...Was trying to work, read, post and trade away KB and doing none of it very well apparently.
  14. I'm not sure there's any huge blow to his value. Watkins had decent years with Tyrod if I recall...I do think the Thursday game will be a PITA tho...Kelvin gets 2 bye weeks (maybe 1.5 while he's still going to be learning the playbook...)
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