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  1. I have a question about Mark Rogers. How good is he? His BB rate is high (hovered around 14-15% in the minors last season), but he's a good strikeout guy, with very good stuff. He's obviously an injury risk, and not even sure he'll make it out as the 5th starter, but can't this guy come up soon for the Brewers this season? His fastball can get upto 97, has a good slider and curve. Obviously a risky guy here with injury and BB rates. But I'd just like to know what others think of him. Stuff seems legit, one more year removed from shoulder surgery, and he has to be better than Narveson,
  2. Thanks for the help man; you should just post AIM SN: AJYankee44. You really know your stuff

  3. Todd Hundley in 1996, 41 HRs 121 RBI He did have some good seasons afterwards, so not too sure
  4. Shields better pitch today

  5. This year does suck, but still doing better than you, Goooo Miggy!!!!

    I'd do a lot better if CBS counted rehab game stats.

    I see you paid of some people to raise up that star level.

  6. I can actually throw ambidextrously, but I can't get the ball to break from the left side, it just stays straight unless I loop it like a softball pitch. This still doesn't really help with switch hitters, because I think by MLB rules, the pitcher has to establish what side he is pitching from before the batter does I believe.
  7. He actually didn't sign with the Yankees, and he will be in this year's draft as well. Probably nothing more than someone who is a career minor league player, but always fun to see.
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