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  1. Hello, thanks for the question. So unfortunately the only way to pre-screen new members would probably be a turnoff to legitimate new posters and a huge onus in responsibility to the Mods as they'd have to assess every new poster and then allow them access to the site. The main 6 forums are/were protected with a 10 post floor for new posters to meet before being able to create threads in them. There may have been some settings which changed when the site rebranded however and the tech team is looking into those. They are also looking into any global issues which may have affected the spam
  2. No problem. I think we wanted to get through this update and see what it looks like. We're sort of torn as to what the community would like more -- keep it or get rid of it. I hate it but doesn't mean others share the opinion. Maybe others like it.
  3. When? I can't say, but they are working on it.
  4. Yes, in 2006. Long time ago. You've been drinking from the NBC teat the whole time. This is correct. Most of the major changes are happening on the main site where sports gambling and DFS will be more integrated into the content. The forums aren't really changing other than a few cosmetic changes. FWIW, this thread will move over to Fantasy Feedback soon.
  5. Individually...... no. It's a global decision. I've already asked and agree with you. Not a fan.
  6. So Rotoworld has rebranded to NBC SportsEdge which they hope better brings their fantasy brand underneath the NBC umbrella. I would give it some time for everything to migrate over to the new URLs. As always, if you want your reactions or thoughts to get straight to the Admins, use the Contact Us link on the NBCSE home site. However, if we can organize a few points on issues, we can float those up to the Admins as well. 1. Bring back different and functioning Themes. Got it.
  7. If you haven't figured this out, upper right hand corner with the 3 lines. Touch that and you'll see a slide out pane with notifications in it.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. There are some announcements which may lead to some adjustments you can make posted by TonyP. Few things: 1. The color or feel changes were made by Invision, not RW nor NBC. You can change themes to get different looks although in Chrome only 3 of them work well. Other two look off because it doesn't list the menu options well, but it is an option. Theme button is at the bottom. 2. App was a decision made by NBCU. No idea why the folded the app in to their home NBC Sports app only to discontinue it. Agree that was a terrible strategic decision.
  9. There isn't one currently. Here is the current guidance from the Admins: I'm going to guess they'll eventually get an app back up and running but may not be until next year.
  10. That would be an Admin question. Draft Master is a RW product. https://www.rotoworld.com/contact-us
  11. By the time this dropped and was confirmed, a ton of fans were already on the way or in the arenas, hard to just make them go home. The late games, I get. Tough situation for everyone.
  12. 4 posts above. ESPN is reporting it from a source.
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