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  1. that taking Thursday Night Football off TV and moving it to a streaming service is a good idea
  2. didnt start him on Thursday because of the illness and missing shootaround and having to go to the doctor AND he plays......2 days later i start him AND NOW HE SITS ........................i give up with this basketball thing
  3. yeah those #'s are Terrible(sarcasm) Josh Jackson said he's not sure when the Grizzlies will recall him from the G League. "As of now, no specific benchmarks, no timeline either of when or if I’ll be called up," Jackson said. "Right now it’s all about putting in the work, getting better and that’s all I’m focusing on." Jackson has kept his head down, has said all the right things and is playing phenomenal for the Memphis Hustle with 19.5 points, 9.5 rebounds, 5.0 assists, 2.5 blocks and 1.5 steals through two games. If you're in a very deep fantasy league or d
  4. hitter version is currently available......when the pitcher one becomes available then first come first served..............drafted the hitter version last year in a dynasty and dropped him......now if my league was to discuss that i'd be livid
  5. any chance this is a 1 year retirement(ala jason witten)?
  6. Earl Thomas 4 years 55 million....guess getting injured isnt all it's cracked up to be
  7. rotoworld speculating he sits out BOTH the sunday and monday game ROFLMAO "Advice: It's a back-to-back set, so he was going to sit out one of these two games. This game is on the road, and Monday's game is in Cleveland on NBATV. Don't be surprised to see Leonard sit that one out, as well"
  8. i offered davis for Lou williams and malcolm brogdon........his counter offer was cj mcollum,montrel harrel and brogdon......for davis...allen crabb...pascal siakam.......figured it was too assistant coach-ey to post their




  9. i was..of course it's the league where it was the 2nd accepted trade all year....and now it's the 2nd trade that's been vetoed within 24 hours
  10. so the NBA can tell the Pelicans that they have to play Anthony Davis but they cant tell the Raptors and Kawhi Lenoard he has to play?
  11. Portis is a Restriced Free Agent and Parker has a 20 million team option for next season
  12. per Rotoworld " Mitchell Robinson (illness) was scratched, leaving Jordan and Luke Kornet as the only true centers available for Sunday's tilt" guess Kanter is no longer on the team
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