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  1. Really surprised to see him sitting again already. This will be the second game off and we are only on the 7th game of the season. I'm hoping they don't keep up this pattern of sitting every 3rd or 4th game all season. if they do, it will essentially be like he was on the 15-day DL a few times this season.
  2. What are the thoughts on innings limit tonight? Will he be on a pitch count?
  3. I'm curious as well. What are the odds he gets suspended? If he does, will he likely be out this week or will he appeal and play this week? I'm in a weekly lineup and can't decide whether or not to sit him.
  4. Yeah, it will depend a bit on the setup of the league. Depending on the value of closers in the league, you may want to hold out for a better offer. If it is a points league where it accumulates all season, you could hold all 6 to get a nice headstart in saves and then sell off later. Help with mine please:
  5. I'm struggling a bit to determine who I want to start between 1b, 3b and Util in my weekly lineup. Here are my options 3b Josh Donaldson 1b/3b Max Muncy 1b Luke Voit 3b Rafael Devers Obviously Muncy's position flexibility allows me multiple combinations here. Really it just boils down to which of these 4 do you leave out of the lineup and put on the bench. We are typical 5x5 weekly H2H (BA, HR, R, RBI, SB on offense). 12 teams. The rest of my lineup is C Ramos 1b ??? 2b Merrifield SS Tim Anderson 3b ??? OF1 Acuna OF2 Benint
  6. Does anybody know when he will officially be put on the Injured List? I would like to be able to move him over to my IL spot in my league to open up an extra bench spot, but can't do it until it is official.
  7. I'd probably lean Brantley given his track record. Love where he hits in that lineup as well. Help with mine please:
  8. I have trouble not leaning Quintana. As a White Sox fan I have just always felt this guy is so insanely consistent and was undervalued. But, I could see an argument for Happ as well. Help with mine please:
  9. I like Newcomb the best. Maybe a bit biased as I just picked him up before his last dominating start, but the kid seems to have insane upside. I would probably go with Faria #2. Help with mine please :
  10. So there have been a few relatively big name / high draft pick types that have been dropped in my league due to either slow starts or injuries. Which of these would you recommend going after? And who would you drop for them? I'm currently middle of the pack with regards to waiver priority, so no guarantees on the ones that haven't cleared yet. If you could, rank them by order of attractiveness and state which you would go after vs which you wouldn't. Adrian Beltre - 3b - DL - FA Jonathan Schoop - 2b - DL - W Kyle Seager - 3b - W Michael Conforto - OF - FA Jake L
  11. Agree with the masses that Miggy is 1 and probably Smoak 2. After that it might just be personal preference based on categories. Help with mine: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/701146-free-agent-help/
  12. I like your side. Your are also in a very fortunate position to be able to trade Altuve and still have a very solid 2b. Help with mine: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/701146-free-agent-help/
  13. I agree that Teoscar stood out to me at first glance. Seems like good potential upside from my (granted very limited) research of him. Hard to ignore what Villanueva has done to this point. Thanks for the help on mine.
  14. I'm considering a couple of options and wanted some advice. I'm in a 12 5x5 H2H weekly league. My team is in my signature. The main options I'm considering from FA are : Billy Hamilton (on waivers and I'm the last waiver, so not sure that I would get him, would depend if anybody else puts a claim) Delino Deshields (free agent so could grab immediately) Justin Bour (also on waivers so same story as above) Aaron Hicks Michael Brantley Brandon Belt (I'm regretting drafting Hosmer, but not sure he is much of an upgrade) Drop options I'm conside
  15. Anybody know if Hader is available today for the Brewers after the two innings yesterday? If so, will he get the save opp?
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