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  1. I like Higgins. Bengals always seem to be chasing.
  2. Good point by jmc above but I would flex hot hand Claypool and go with Gio over Jacobs if Raiders game cancelled.
  3. It's interesting but I would rather have Cook on my roster.
  4. Tough call I think I would go with Carson and Davis. Keenan nursing an injury and he might have an early day if Chargers get too far in front of Jags.
  5. Can't stand 'Plodder'.. as overused/misused on these boards as the term 'literally' is within under-30 circles.
  6. About the same way I feel about Thurman Thomas stealing snaps from Moss.
  7. I'm rolling with Pascal. Over past five weeks, Bucs have been #1 in WR FPA while Chargers are #32. Chark has been struggling a bit (injuries?) and doesn't feel like the game he gets right. If I can get 10-12 PPR out of Pascal I will be satisfied, good luck!!
  8. Thanks for your response. I have the same decision, have you made up your mind? I tentatively have Pascal slotted and I'm still leaning that way.
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