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  1. Go with how you feel. I personally would not be shy taking him anywhere outside the top 9 or so.
  2. Nothing which sucks for weekly leagues.
  3. Get rid of manny. Get Stanton. Help me
  4. Start him. Teheran’s underlining numbers are actually bad. I would look to dump him while you can. Low k’s lots of hits.
  5. Would do it for all except Kelly. Help me thanks
  6. Santana smith votto voit smoke howie
  7. Vlad/ V. Robles or Jose Ramirez/ Matt Carpentor which side in a vacuum would you rather have rest of season. Thanks Whir
  8. Yeah Hard to buy Low on Vlad his potential is through the roof. No one is really selling.
  9. I’m actually going Robles first with Buxton last help me
  10. If you can get trout for that do it. Help please
  11. Neither special but I would think Lucchesi help me
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