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  1. Hey folks in a 5x5 roto league (we use obp instead of avg) 12 team league. was offered Aroldis Chapman for Justin Turner and Graveman. my closers are Will Smith, Graveman and Holland. no brainer? I know J Turner has been on fire but he’s 36, and I have Machado at 3B (not to mention the ability to shift Muncy or C Moran at CI if needed). I like Graveman but he’s splitting so many closer chances with Montero thoughts?
  2. Hold pat. It’s a lateral move if anything. Keep moving up the waiver claim priority. Naquin isn’t going to do much the rest of the way and will struggle for playing time good luck! PS - thoughts on this?
  3. Try to move Haniger for one of those catchers. You have the depth and help on the way! Big upgrade for you at C. good luck! - thoughts on this?
  4. Hey folks Been offered two trades and figured it would only make sense if I did both at the same time. It’s in a 12 team 5x5 roto (obp instead of avg) where we keep 6 keepers been offered Max Scherzer for either Byron Buxton or Trevor Story. and offered Manny Machado for Sandy Alcantera at first I felt Story was worth more than Scherzer. I know Buxton’s injury history but really tough to trade him. If I did do this deal then I was offered Machado for Alcantera. thoughts?? I view it as Scherzer better than Alcantera and the gap between them is wider t
  5. Wrinkler is a good add. Or stand pat. Don’t drop for the other agents good luck!
  6. Try to move Cease for Gleybar Torres if the owner is nervous. I got Gleybar for him in my al only keeper league. Good luck! PS - help with this?
  7. No way! Bieber is a top 4 overall player. You should be getting a Soto or Mookie back for Bieber. At least Trea Turner. But aim higher. good luck! PS - thoughts on this?
  8. Hey folks I’m in a 12 team, 5x5 roto league (we use obp instead of avg and Wins instead of QS) where we keep 6 players (with $5 added onto their contract each year) Was offered Jarad Walsh for Michael Kopech. At first glance it looks like an easy offer but I’m starting to think Kopech can be special in this keeper format. He would only cost me $5 to keep next year. Walsh would be an upgrade over Andrew Vaughn and Mountcastle and I can play him in OF or CI. or should I hold onto Kopech given his insane numbers? post your question link below and I’ll reply to your t
  9. Don’t do the deal! Bieber is worth a lot more than what you’re getting. Or Bieber you want a Mookie or Trout coming back. Or Juan Soto or Trea Turner at least. Aim higher TB Ps - thoughts on this? -
  10. Hey folks im in a 5x5 roto league (obp instead of avg / wins instead of quality starts). We can keep 6 keepers with $5 escalating I have a big hole at 1B bcuz of drafting Andrew Vaughn have two different trades offered to me. Which one would you take? (1) I trade Sandy Alcantara and Steve Matz for Matt Olson and Matt Boyd. Or (2) I trade Matz, G Holland, C Moran, R Mountcastle, H Ynoa for A Chapman and J Abreu I think I win both deals. I’ve got great depth at pitching and a void at 1B. Thoughts? Post your question link in your response and I’
  11. Thanks for the feedback! I’m 2nd overall so trying to win. Are people confident Scherzer is Scherzer in 2019? Suffering in steals and saves ages but picking up Mad Max might let me move another pitcher for help there
  12. I have both and I prefer Buttrey as there is less competition (Robles? Lol) vs Jeffress who has Hader thanks for your feedback on my offer!
  13. Quintana over Yu. Yu looks lost and messed up. Thanks for replying to my question
  14. I think this is a no brainer - Correa. We don’t even know if Whitley can pitch at the MLB level. Hitters are safer than pitchers on health (yes even with CC’s past). CC is still so young. Get Correa! Good luck! PS - thoughts on my offer??
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