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  1. Morton always threw hard and gained velocity after he got away from some of the major injuries early in his career. Miley simply doesn't have that kind of stuff.
  2. I should have explained that this is a 15-team league. The starters available on the wire are awful. A mid-rotation arm has value. I'm in fourth place, which is the last spot in the money, but I'm only seven points out of first, so I am willing to sell off potential help for the future to get some help now. Teheran's current ERA is more than a run lower than my team's current mark, 4.23. He actually gave me a choice of Wade Miley or Teheran, but I thought the latter was better.
  3. I don't think so. Neither guy impresses me much. If I had to pick one, I'd go with Hudson, but I think you're better off looking elsewhere. Help with mine?
  4. I have Keller. I would be trading him for Teheran. I would probably keep Keller, but I have solid options without him. I'm assuming you aren't in favor of dealing for Teheran based on your post. I already replied on your thread.
  5. I would also go with Cole. He could still be effective five years from now and he is clearly the better pitcher in 2019. Help with mine?
  6. I came looking for this thread wondering the same thing. I've got an offer to trade for him. I'm guessing we will see some regression based on his high FIP and his history, but he could still be useful the rest of the way.
  7. He is a prospect in his second start. It's a bit early to label the guy a bum. It does seem as if he isn't really ready. My guess is he goes right back down tomorrow. I have him in my money league, but that one has minor-league spots. I didn't activate him due to the matchup. I'm glad I made the right call.
  8. If he had a middle infielder to drop, he wouldn't be asking about those two players. I'd rather have Olsen unless you need the 3B eligibility from Sano. Neither has been very good.
  9. If you need the offense, go with the Altuve side. Ramirez seems to be completely lost. He's just not showing any signs of coming around. Help with mine?
  10. I would hold. I would also ignore the poster who never does anything but argue for dumping pitching to add hitting regardless of the players involved. Help with mine?
  11. Gregorious, Marte, Kingery, DeJong, in that order. Help with mine?
  12. I would definitely accept Snell and Realmuto for Harper and Heaney. Keep in mind that Rush always recommends against dealing for pitching regardless of the players involved. Help with mine?
  13. Blackmon was a better player, but I don't think that is the case this season. Given the need for pitching and depth in the outfield, I'd take the deal. Help with mine?
  14. This is in a money league. We keep eight veterans and five rookie-eligible players each season. Veterans' salaries go up $5. Rookies don't go up at all. My starting pitching is weak, though I am getting Clevinger back next week. Keller has been lit up in two major-league starts. The kid is a strong prospect, but he's clearly not ready for the majors. My five minor-league roster spots are still full without Keller, who I have at $1. I doubt I would keep Teheran, though he is cheap at $3. I know Teheran's numbers aren't likely to hold up where they are, not with a FIP that high, but
  15. Rush, what exactly is the point of your shtick? We get it. Always trade away or cut every pitcher possible. Knowing how over-the-top you go, how exactly is that helpful? In this case, I am trading an arm for one of those guys, so I appreciate the feedback, but it gets a little difficult to take your contributions to the board seriously.
  16. Wow. I hadn't looked at the board for a while, but I see Rush is still relentlessly pushing his anti-pitcher agenda.
  17. That's what I'd do. I happen to own both in one league, but I'd drop Bour first. It's a tough call. When I have a tough call on an add/drop, I tend to hold.
  18. I like Suzuki. I think he figured some things out last season and it has carried over.
  19. With only three keepers, I don't think making the move for Bour could hurt, though I doubt it is a huge upgrade over the rest of the season. Consider this a lukewarm yes for grabbing Bour. I wouldn't do it for Cron. He's had opportunities before and always seems to play his way back into a bench role. Help with mine?
  20. I've got a trade offer. I can get either Eugenio Suarez or Justin Turner. Turner is expected back this week and he has clearly been the better player the last two seasons, but I am concerned that he injury will dampen his production the rest of the season. Suarez has fizzled after great starts before, though he tends to finish with strong Septembers, but maybe he is the safer bet for just this season? Thoughts? WHIR. Just leave a link.
  21. Profar was already playing regularly at second base, but they really are running out of viable options with all the injuries.
  22. Looks interesting. So the expansion draft will be on draft day in March? Also, are the expansion and regular drafts both snake? I'm signed up as Cecil Cantrell. (My team would be the Tampico Stogies. Just want to be sure about what I'm getting into before I commit. Thanks.
  23. Guess I'm too late to the party on this one. Lousy timing.
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