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  1. I personally think Butler > Gilmore. IMO they overpaid for Gilmore. PFF ranked Butler the 2nd best CB last season, Gilmore wasn't in the top 25.
  2. 2016 average PPG per team was 22.7 1985 average PPG per team was 21.5 In each of Montana's 4 SBs, he had one of the best defenses in the league as well. 1981-#2 1984- #1 1988-#8 1999-#3
  3. Brady won his 5 SB with his defenses averaging 26PPG allowed Montana won his 4 SB with his defenses averaging 18 PPG allowed Peyton won his 2 SB with his defenses averaging 13 PPG allowed Brady 15:5 TD/INT ratio in 7 games Manning 3:5 TD/INT ratio in 4 games Stop.
  4. Manning with Indy- Edgerrin James: 1st round Marvin Harrison: 1st round Reggie Wayne: 1st round Dallas Clark: 1st round Marshall Faulk: 1st round
  5. Julian Edelman: 7th round Danny Amendola: undrafted Chris Hogan: undrafted Malcolm Mitchell: 4th round James White: 4th round LeGarette Blount: undrafted Martellus Bennett: 2nd Round, 1x pro bowl This is who Brady led a 25 point comeback in the Super Bowl with.
  6. Fun fact: Manning has never thrown a TD in the 4th quarter of a SB, however, he has thrown a game ending pick 6 only 1 TD in the 2nd half with 4 SB apperances is not clutch
  7. http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=14920087 Ryan Clark, who has played both multiple times, on Brady vs Manning said he would take Brady and it isn't even close. Ryan Clark said Manning was good at "getting his team in the right plays and opportunities, but he didn't do a lot...you saw a lot of the hand gestures and talking so it made it seem like he was confusing but he really was not" On Brady "everytime we played him i was nervous because he was the only player that I felt like knew exactly where we were coming from and couldn't fool"
  8. Moss 07'- 18 receptions of 20+, 9 receptions of 40+ DT 13'- 19 receptions of 20+. 5 receptions of 40+ Eric Decker 13'-19 receptions of 20+, 6 receptions of 40+
  9. Once again thats on volume. If Brady had the same number of attempts he would have the record by 2 yards. Brady's top 5 weapons in 07 Moss, Welker, Stallworth, Ben Watson and Jabar Gaffney Manning top 5 weapons in 13 DT, Julius Thomas, Eric Decker, Welker, and Moreno I agree with you that Moss was a lot better than anyone Manning had in '13, but as a complete group its close. 2013 Broncos had a lot of depth.
  10. Favre: 3x NFL MVP, 3x First-Team All-Pro, 3x Second-Team All-Pro With that logic, Favre is better than Brady right?
  11. I don't know if you can read but I said passing offense, not total offense. 2007 Brady, 398 completions, 578 attempts, 68.9 comp %, 4,806 yards, 50 TD, 8.7 TD%, 8INT, 6.3TD/INT, 117.2 QB Rating, 88.2 QBR (Best ever recorded) 2013 Manning- 450 completions, 659 attempts, 68.3 comp %, 5,477 yards, 55TD, 8.3TD%, 10INT, 5.5TD/INT, 115.1 QB Rating, 82.2QBR (8th best ever recorded) The only categories Manning beat Brady in are 100% volume dependent. Manning's 659 attempts in 2013 are 9th most all time. Brady's 578 attempts in 2007? 88th all time.
  12. Tom Brady in 07' had by far the best passing offense of the last 22 years Matt Cassel the next year the 272nd ranked passing offense of the last 22 years Please tell me more about how Brady is strictly a system QB? Brady has played 92% of his games outdoors (185 of 202) Manning has played 49% of his games outdoors (122 of 248) Brady in a dome: 67.4%, 8.64 YPA, 6.9% TD, 2.62% INT, 106.42 rating Manning in a dome: 66.16%, 7.8 YPA, 6.1% TD, 2.4% INT, 99.72 rating Brady outdoors: 63.15%, 7.35 YPA, 5.39% TD, 1.93% INT, 95.28 rating Manni
  13. Peyton in his 4 postseason games in 06 when he won a SB had 3TD-7INT, including 1TD and 2 turnovers in the SB Peyton last year in the SB had 141 yards, 0TD, 2 Turnovers (obviously on the decline but still) Stop.
  14. 1. Manning had the best offensive weapons of any QB in NFL history throughout his career Players Manning played with: Marshall Faulk, Edgerrin James, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Julius Thomas, Wes Welker, Players Brady played with: Randy Moss (1 year and broke every QB-WR record at the time), Gronk, Wes Welker, Julian Edelman (QB turned WR) 2. Forget super bowls, lets look at playoff wins 1.Tom Brady - 22-9 2.Joe Montana - 16-7 5. Peyton Manning - 12-11 3.Peyton Manning has 9, "1-and-d
  15. Curious. Unsure if it has been mentioned in the thread already, but if Michael Jordan had 2 rings instead of 6 and underperformed in the playoffs while still dominating in the regular season do you think he would still be unanimously touted as the greatest basketball player ever? I personally don't think so.
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