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  1. How come everyone says he is ahead of schedule!!!! Now no updates. The dude wants to compete. I just need to know if he is coming back this calendar year.
  2. I just dropped Skal for him. I hope I don’t regret it. But I love the hype train I remember when he was a spur and I kept saying who the F is this guy
  3. They gotta move Monroe maybe go pelicans but still there will be three centers again
  4. So the fact that I got Ad is really good for me right sucks fellows but I got to grab the extra points here
  5. Just dropped bell for him. Done riding that project. Please don’t get punched in the face again
  6. Tonight is the night if we decide to keep or drop. Woukd love to see if he can stay out of foul trouble if he plays mid twenty min tonight
  7. Sounds like Babbitt going to get the run. I think I will wait.
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