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  1. I want to drop him so badly but I'm scared to. His good games are like, really really good. and then they get followed by a 13 minute stinker. I just don't want to see him killing it for someone else's roster. but meanwhile Elf Payton is a FA and I need assists...
  2. I would take either one but I lean towards Allen. He’s gonna be 2nd round value IMO.
  3. 8 cat h2h. Who wins this? A gets Myles Turner and Herro. B gets Jarrett Allen and Duncan Robinson.
  4. I rank Harris 1st and Bey 2nd. Harris never hurts you and his role on the team is never in question.
  5. in any smaller league I would do it, just maybe not in a 16 teamer. If there are any good FA's to pick up, then I would do it though.
  6. I would do it. Dray looks good- people forgot how important he is to that W's team.
  7. Dragic has been better than I thought. Bey doesn't do much besides hit some 3's.
  8. I got this offer: I give Jokic. I get Tatum, Siakam, and Bledsoe. I have droppable players: Dillon Brooks, Sadiq Bey, Bazley, Trent Jr... thoughts?
  9. seems to make sense for you. you are giving up the flashy numbers for the sneaky value guys.
  10. I would rather have McConnell. And I might drop Noel for Bey.
  11. I was offered Tatum and Siakam for my Jokic. I know it's prob not enough, but it's not like my team is doing well. He said he could add a 3rd player. What about this deal? I give Jokic. I get Tatum, Siakam, and Wendell Carter Jr. thoughts?
  12. who would you rather have ROS? 8 cat h2h.
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