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  1. I want to drop him so badly but I'm scared to. His good games are like, really really good. and then they get followed by a 13 minute stinker. I just don't want to see him killing it for someone else's roster. but meanwhile Elf Payton is a FA and I need assists...
  2. I would take either one but I lean towards Allen. He’s gonna be 2nd round value IMO.
  3. 8 cat h2h. Who wins this? A gets Myles Turner and Herro. B gets Jarrett Allen and Duncan Robinson.
  4. I rank Harris 1st and Bey 2nd. Harris never hurts you and his role on the team is never in question.
  5. in any smaller league I would do it, just maybe not in a 16 teamer. If there are any good FA's to pick up, then I would do it though.
  6. I would do it. Dray looks good- people forgot how important he is to that W's team.
  7. Dragic has been better than I thought. Bey doesn't do much besides hit some 3's.
  8. I got this offer: I give Jokic. I get Tatum, Siakam, and Bledsoe. I have droppable players: Dillon Brooks, Sadiq Bey, Bazley, Trent Jr... thoughts?
  9. seems to make sense for you. you are giving up the flashy numbers for the sneaky value guys.
  10. I would rather have McConnell. And I might drop Noel for Bey.
  11. I was offered Tatum and Siakam for my Jokic. I know it's prob not enough, but it's not like my team is doing well. He said he could add a 3rd player. What about this deal? I give Jokic. I get Tatum, Siakam, and Wendell Carter Jr. thoughts?
  12. who would you rather have ROS? 8 cat h2h.
  13. anyone else have an opinion? I am trying to get him to throw in Jamal Murray (and I will throw in someone like Barrett or Trent). Here are some other 2 for ones I thought of for my Jokic: Steph Curry plus Adebayo? Towns plus Durant? Towns plus Middleton? Durant plus Middleton? Lillard plus Ingram? Butler plus Jaylen Brown? Doncic plusZion? Trae Young plus Sabonis? Also the owner of Tatum and Siakam also has Kawhi Leonard. Should I try to make him give me Tatum and Kawhi?
  14. Depends who you would drop but I think I'd rather have Sexton.
  15. Drummond getting shipped out of Cleveland and Allen will be the starter. I wouldn't do it.
  16. yeah, I like this for you. HArden is basically becoming the top assists man this year, but will be dropping off in other cats. The upgrades from Ross to Rozier are real. And KP just doesn't look like the KP of old to me.
  17. I'd rather have Collins. Ayton might be safer but he's basically a double double and not much else. Collins has elite potential, with 3's and assists and FT% all possibilities.
  18. seems to me team A wins this easily, even without WCJ. But with him coming back even more of a win for team A. Doesn't really seems close.
  19. I would rather have JJJ in a dynasty, yes.
  20. I have Jokic so I should be doing alright but I am not. Might need to shake things up. Having Smart and Gilgeous-Alexander on IL is of course hurting. I got this offer: I give Jokic. I get Tatum and Siakam. Should I do it? I have droppable players. 8 cat h2h.
  21. it's fair. I would keep Ingram but you have Gay to drop so if Fox's assists help you then it's fine.
  22. def not Curry. Bledsoe really isn't doing anything.
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