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  1. Would have been nice if he said this before the game.
  2. Combination of hype and crazy bidding early on high ranked players causing a bit of desperation.
  3. Just got them both for $1 each in my 12 team roto auction. Bidding was crazy so people were running low on cash near the end of the draft.
  4. Voit just went for $18 in my 12 team roto auction. Bird was not drafted.
  5. I love DeShields this year. The value is incredible. I think he easily steals 40 bases and scores over 100 runs, and will probably only cost about $5 in an auction. Billy Hamilton might cost you 3X that and will underperform DeShields in all categories except steals. Dee Gordon, granted plays 2nd (but 2nd base is very deep this year), will cost 4X DeShields and will be very comparable in all categories. Gordon has a slight advantage in staels, but DeShields has more power. I have a feeling DeShields ADP will climb sooner rather than later, especially since they said good bye to Gomez.
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