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  1. Honestly, post-trade I think Happ’s the drop anyway, so just take him out of the deal. Make it two-for-two, and once the deal’s done, proceed directly to jail because you are ripping this guy off.
  2. I was thrilled to see Yerminator got he HR. Then I remembered I starter Plesac.
  3. Coming in I’d’ve said Moore. But Taylor’s been hot. I say ride the wave.
  4. Agreed. It may or may not be enough now, but if Snell can put a few strong starts under his belt it’ll bring back the warm fuzzies about what he did a few seasons ago. I’d give him a few starts, then make the offer.
  5. As an owner or both, I can tell you I’d give up McMahon first. McMahon’s off to a good start, but true to his history, he’s lighting it up in Coors and doing little outside it. Gallen may have an innings cap, but the ones he pitches should be great.
  6. I know Baddoo’s the hot thing right now, and maybe he has a great year. But I think I’d still take Yaz’ proven year.
  7. I like Moore the most big those options. But he’s ice cold right now, so might as well hold off.
  8. Castillo making things TOO interesting.....
  9. Bid away. You owe this guy nothing. Return the favor?
  10. I’d absolutely do Beni for Moore. Honestly, I’m fine with both. Return the favor?
  11. Well, I’ve got two saves after ten games, so I could use a few, yeah. 😉
  12. I agree with the moves you’ve made. I do think Hampson could be an interesting option. If Arenado’s departure ends up netting him substantial playing time, he could be the speed guy you thought you were getting in Villar. Thanks for mine!
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