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  1. It’s tempting since you have such good WR depth, could use the 1.08 to back-fill with a young stud WR, and would upgrade substantially at TE. Very tempting. When is YOUR first round pick?
  2. Hard for me to form an opinion on a dynasty question without knowing your roster.
  3. I hope this choice doesn’t need to be made right away, because I think it depends on where Jones is playing. He may or may not be a better keeper than Dobbins depending on location. Also, I’ve seen more than one mock NFL draft where SF took Pitts and formed a two headed TE machine. I don’t think that’s likely, but if it happened, it wouldn’t be the greatest thing for Kittle. If it’s me, right now, the final keeper is Kittle. But depending on who’s where in the fall, I could see different combinations where you keep two from Jones/Dobbins/Kittle.
  4. Welp, the deadline passed without getting the deal done. Thanks anyway! THREAD CLOSED
  5. I don’t disagree about Pitts at 1.04. But every year our league is dominated by a team with an elite TE. And I’m 100% confident he’ll go to the team at 1.06 if he’s available there.
  6. 12 team ppr. For now, likely keepers are Murray, Barkley, Gaskin, Mostert, Metcalf, Boyd, Woods and one of CEdmonds or PrWilliams. Our first two draft rounds are extremely rookie-heavy. I have 1.04, 1.07, 2.04, 2.12, and pick four in rounds 3-6. I’m hoping for Pitts at 1.04 and JWilliams at 1.07. If I miss Pitts at 1.04, I’ll go Williams then WR at 1.07. If I miss Williams, I’ll go best RB or best WR. Someone has the 1.08 on the block, but hasn’t said what he’s looking for. I’d like to offer Mostert and Woods so I can get younger. Do I give Gaskin if that’s where he’s
  7. Bucs been harassing Mahomes all night while only rushing four. So whichever way you want to take that.
  8. A late first? No way!! Get the 1.01 or nothing! 🥸
  9. I love Rodgers. He’s been my favorite player since he took over in GB. But I’ll neither build him up nor take anything away from him. Brady is far and away the best ever. I can’t stand him. But I acknowledge it as reality. Somewhere below that is a tier that has guys like Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Elway, etc in it. All Hall of Famers. And I’m fine with that. I’m not going to spend a lot of time debating his place on the list. I’ve got 2021 to worry about! 😉
  10. Don’t know which Kyle you’re referring to, but I don’t need to. I want the Giannis side.
  11. If you could finagle things to where your keepers were Dobbins (or Chubb), Hill and Waller, that would be pretty sweet. I also like Brown. Jones is great, but the uncertainty of where he’ll be next year is worrisome.
  12. I might quibble the order with a few of these, but I’m pretty much down with the twenty names.
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