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  1. I'd rather have McMahon than Paddack. But I do agree with the idea of trading McMahaon for a SP. Hopefully you can find one a little more reliable than Paddack.
  2. Thanks for the feedback! Thread closed.
  3. Don’t bother reading ANY part of the original question. Just keep padding that post count, buddy.
  4. With Muncy in the deal, I'd be interested. Return the favor?
  5. A leaguemate I'm friends with asked my opinion on an offer he's thinking of making. 10 team ROTO with OBP instead of AVG. Offer would be Tim Anderson for Nelson Cruz. He's in pretty good shape with HR/RBI and wants SB. The other guy is kind of the opposite, so the fit is right. And both teams are fine with the position eligibility of the guy they'd be getting back. Seems fairly close to me. Yahoo's projected stats has Anderson finishing more valuable than Cruz. Thoughts? And leave your link!
  6. There ya go. I don’t mind moving Lindor for SP if you want. But you have to get one back with a lot fewer miles on his arm.
  7. Thank God Dylan Moore didn’t have anything to do with it. 🙄
  8. I feel ya. Traded for him a week ago and hasn’t seen the field for me yet. Oy!
  9. Agreed. I can tell you as a life-long Royals fan that they had a lot of cr@ppy teams that still produced good closers. Even rancid teams generate 60-70 wins, a big proportion of which will be close because, after all, they’re rancid.
  10. Well, he seems like one of the closers who doesn’t necessarily have done staring over his shoulder.
  11. 1- Jazz time! 2- I like Montas most of the three, but I don’t know that he’s must-add. Depends on what you have now.
  12. Garcia with the vulture W. I'll take it.
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