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  1. Julio has got to be one of the most inconsistent elite fantasy players of all time
  2. Well this guy is firmly in bust territory for what I expected. Hopefully he comes back in 3 weeks fresh and can produce at an RB2 level for the playoffs.
  3. Brady 5 TDs to 5 different recievers today. Brady haters on suicide watch.
  4. Imagine being so fired up about a haha emoji that you come into a thread clog it up before halftime with garbage all while rooting against a player you have rostered. Then being wrong anyways. Emojis folks, know the dangers. Anyways earlier in the year I argued that he hasnt emerged cause he hadn't played, well I would like to forfeit that stance cause this guy is legit af. I was kinda hoping for a flex and a bye week fill in but we all might have hit on much more. That's dope. Hes a great story too, between him and Minshew I find myself rooting for the Jags. Weird year this 2020.
  5. Obviously Taylor was always the play here, Hines cant be a workhorse RB and was destined to be the satellite pass catching back. Nobody should be patting themselves on the back for 'predicting' that. The discussion was always whether Hines could play the Ekeler/Woodhead role and it was understandable why it could be thought so. Those are weekly flex numbers and that's where I was thinking but now that's in serious doubt obviously. Gotta love people who are in here trying to say this is the outcome they thought would happen. Either you said that earlier in the week or gt
  6. Self Indulgence level: Maximum I didn't see or hear anything about expecting Hines to be completely phased out after Mack got hurt, I must have missed your posts.
  7. Haha stick to the facts 'buddy'. Nobody is interested in how salty you are, only in the fantasy impact of the injury. Take your whining to the vent thread.
  8. You are kidding yourself if you think this isnt terrible news for his fantasy outlook. He probably should sit, he obviously wont want to but that shouldnt matter.
  9. Looked pretty good against a stout run defence in his debut. Obviously 2 of his best runs were negated by penalties but overall I was impressed by what I saw, they just need to get him involved in the passing game more and he might be a really nice fantasy asset for free. The Jags might actually be much better than people thought as well, I'm pretty optimistic ROS. Let's roll with this hype train.
  10. No I dont think I do, you cant emerge before the season starts, are all practice squad players guys who are an injury away from emerging? Originally my point was to save your #1 waiver priority for someone that will emerge in the first few weeks of the season because we havent seen any exhibition games or coverage from camps or really any tape at all, it's obviously a very weird year. This guy is a lottery ticket, not an emerging talent he has to show that when the games start. My point still stands, I wouldnt burn my #1 waiver on a completely unproven starter on a bad offense
  11. Not really, no? I mean we know nothing about this guy at all except that he was listed as the starter on the internet for an offense that could be legit awful. How could he have emerged without a single second of football being played? This could potentially be the worst RBBC in football we have absolutely no idea. This team is going to be in catch up mode all season long so the game script will favour Thompson in most scenarios. They're likely not gonna be able to sustain many drives unless Haskins takes a huge step forward which I'll believe when he shows me, I'm not sure how thi
  12. Well for the price of free I'm in. It's impossible to know the state of this backfield with the training camp or lack thereof this year. Might as well grab a ticket if you can cause it seems this is the lead dog so far. That said I dont think hes worth a #1 waiver especially this year where it's almost assured somebody will emerge unexpectedly. If you have a #1 to start the year it might be more valuable than years past.
  13. You can see the dirt spray from the opposite angle. How on earth was his foot not down?
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