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  1. Those three second half picks to lead his team to another Super Bowl clearly solidify Tom Brady as the LOAT.
  2. McDermott got an offseason to work on his math skills.
  3. I don't understand the "go for two" decisions made by most coaches.
  4. Nah. 39 yards against the Jets in Week 15. He killed my team.
  5. I just want him to rest up, get back to 100%, so he can go out there and get a brand new hamstring tweak Week One of 2021.
  6. Pretty much the same. Steelers have just about the best matchup possible tonight, but, somehow, whenever I have a player with a beautiful matchup like this, it inevitably turns to ****.
  7. Pretty sure the Bengals would have to beat the Steelers tonight. Doesn't seem possible, but then the Jets just beat the Rams . . .
  8. Waller hasn't topped 40 yards against the Chargers in 3 games against them and only one TD. Plus Thursday night game. Plus all Josh Jacobs all night against bad run defense. Plus Chargers entire receiving corps out meaning no pressure on Raiders offense. Keep expectations very low this week.
  9. He'll be back to ruin your fantasy season again next year.
  10. Check out MFL's projections for Antonio Brown rest of season: Fantasy Football: Girls Fantasy League Projected Stats (myfantasyleague.com)
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