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  1. Bah. I guess it makes sense. He would never give up the cash but I guess maybe it frees up a 40-man spot.
  2. Positive news....they finally convinced Pedroia to retire. (Hopefully) frees up $12.125 Million this year. I hope they spend it wisely and don't just toss it in Mr. Henry's bank account.
  3. I dislike the communication and general attitude of current ownership but I love the results they brought to Boston the past 15-20 years. Sox will not be competitive this year (again) due to pitching as well as being in a tough division. Yankees, Rays and Blue Jays all look clearly better. Obviously resigned to that at this point. Curious to see how Bloom will restock the farm system and spend the big dollars the Sox can afford to spend in the coming years as some bad/big contracts come off the books (JDM, Pedroia, Price, Eovaldi). But 2021 is gonna be a rough one.
  4. That Seattle safety got absolutely mangled by his own guy. Totally unnecessary, what a clown.
  5. Been riding this train since Day 1 somehow. Hasn't slowed down!
  6. Just here to say that the Rotoworld/Playerline app is garbage and I really appreciate this thread. Gonna give Sleeper a shot!
  7. Another 2 bombs tonight. Looking like an absolute stud. Might be crazy ADP next year though.
  8. LOL nonono. That was Doug Flutie. And it was successful!
  9. Ya I'm going with a sit. I hope I regret it.
  10. What is the consensus against Houston today? I am inclined to bench since its the Astros but this guy is on absolute fire...
  11. I am sure some regression will come, but can't tell if it will be this year or not As for next year.....probably too high unless he really stinks it up in September.
  12. Guess his core is feeling fine, 3 homers today (so far). The Orioles really solve most problems for opponent hitters though.
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