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  1. Cardinals signed an RB from the practice squad today
  2. Possibly. Hope for a Schefter or Rappaport blurb lol
  3. LOL more of a gut feeling, but I think lots of things bode well for Murray this game... 1) Injuries to the Eagles secondary 2) Playing at home/on turf 3) Hurts making the Philadelphia offense competent, which should result in a higher scoring affair, which helps Murray 4) Murray running more last week, should be 100% healthy from the AC sprain... but more importantly, may have gotten over the injury psychologically and is more willing to takes hits 4) Chip on Murray's shoulder playing against another mobile QB. This is a stretch, but Matthew Berry mentioned it as well.
  4. Hunt. Wilson Jr would be the choice if Mostert was out. Hunt should see a touch floor, and I'm likely to start him in my matchup as well. Thanks for help with mine
  5. Have a strong feeling Kyler is going to have a huge game this weekend.
  6. I’d start Rivers too, which is shocking for me to day, but Watson is so hard to trust after last week. And Indy defense is just as good.
  7. I’d play Drake at RB, Robinson at flex and Trubisky and Ryan at QB/Super flex drake slight edge over Davis as I think drake is pretty much assured a rushing TD against Philly because they’ve given one up every week except 2
  8. Ben. They will blowout Cincy, and I'm sure he wants to get right after the past couple weeks.
  9. Cook. Targets will be there in a high scoring affair.
  10. I'd sit Aiyuk. I tend to think it'll be an RB heavy game for SF. I'd start Kmet among those options... decent floor with the targets he is getting.
  11. I'm in the same spot and rolling with Cook. The game is going to be so high scoring and I imagine the targets will be there.
  12. With MT being injured, I'm forced to start one of these RB in my FLEX in 0.5 PPR: RB Mostert @ DAL RB Hunt @ NYG Who should I go with??
  13. Re: Herbert performing well with the backup WRs... this may be a reason why:
  14. Agreed. 10/100/1 would be a lot nice than 10/100/0. Starting if he's active? I'm not worried and I imagine we will know more tomorrow... but I really don't want this to turn into a Keenan Allen situation. I didn't see or hear him aggravating his ankle last game, so I'm guessing this is just extra maintenance, but we'll see.
  15. Matthew Berry just removed him from his weekly ranks. I'm not worried yet either, hopefully he puts in a full practice tomorrow.
  16. That's really convenient cherry picking... yeah lets go back to 4 seasons ago to see his games played, not each of the last 3 seasons where he's played all 16 games? Makes 0 sense. Even in non-PPR scoring, he's the WR9. To call him a WR3 is, quite frankly, dumb.
  17. Overreaction of the day, much? He's the WR6 in 0.5 PPR. He hasn't missed a game all year. And the game he's been pulled early he already scored a TD (vs. NO and vs. ATL), so he didn't really burn fantasy owners. Calling him a WR3 is a little absurd... injury and durability issues? He has played 16 game each of the last seasons and today's game is the only one where he was limited going into it.
  18. Depends on the makeup of the rest of your team. If your team can't survive a mediocre performance from 1 player, you probably have bigger problems than Ekeler's performance today.
  19. Same. I don't agree with the Rotoworld blurb. It seemed clear that the Raiders made stopping the run a priority, and Ekeler was still able to rip one off in the 4th for a big gain. If you can survive until W16, I think hes a fine play. Should be able to rest up during the mini bye too.
  20. You could look at it a bunch of ways. Imagine if Lynn wasn't such an awful playcaller and actually had Herbert throw more than 1 time in the 4th quarter... Herbert may have gotten to 30 by end of regulation without even needing OT. If Herbert was used the way he should have been, one of those missed FGs could have been a TD drive. I don't think this was a "lucky 30 points" at all. Sure, i get it. I was nervous Raiders were gonna end the game in OT with a TD and they didn't. But if you're going to acknowledge all the things that worked in Herbert's favor this game, at least acknowle
  21. Fair enough, I think context matters with these type of things. For instance, Ekeler is pretty open about his injury status and talks about whether he is going to play or not, how he's been practicing, etc. on his Twitch stream. I am far more likely to take him at his word than most players.
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