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  1. Rich kids are prone to laziness and fat guys like to eat. I will happily let someone else roll the dice. I wish Junior luck though, his old man was a fav of mine.
  2. I will deploy and take the stinker on the chin, you guys leave him on your benches, I got this one
  3. Several Twitter sources say OUT tonight for Elf.
  4. He's a drop with Mike jr back in the fold. His day to day numbers aren't worth the stress of gambling on matchups. If you can stash , great, but I have to say goodbye for now.
  5. https://web.itu.edu.tr/~inceogl4/modernism/lotteryofbabylon.pdf
  6. The Lottery in Babylon. Fun analogy! And to think, we're not done yet.
  7. Jingles owner that got screwed with Mike two years ago. My gut doesn't trust him.
  8. The NBA has to give him a game or three. They can't afford to let such behavior go unpunished.
  9. Holy Christ, I thought it was a joke. He just congratulated LeBron on passing him! He was just at the game the other night with his daughter... This is so horrible. May he rest in peace.
  10. That's actually a beautiful moment. Ja had arrived.
  11. Wish me luck guise, I just picked Elf up and when I took my socks off they were heavy with fear...I think I need a little air.. uff
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