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  1. He is going to have to be to keep his job. Straily seems to know that as well as he's come back much more aggressive pounding the strike zone than those few starts he had before the send down. Nothing wrong with professional job security on the line to step up a players game
  2. Its still a little bizarre the move was to bring Gray up vs someone like Scribner. I had a notion there might be some inside report Beane knows of that has Colon on the soon to be suspended list. Other than the monstrous bomb by Pedro he's finishing the 1st half strong. I have no idea what the A's are going to do with Brett on the mend and Gray putting up a 2012 Straily like season on the farm.
  3. Just in case someone panics after the game Straily is being sent down after tonight's start because he will not be needed till after the break. Sonny Gray was called up tonight simply for middle relief and overall bullpen depth.
  4. I am high on mental motivation with players like Lincecum. He and his agent rebuffed some hefty extensions from the Giants front office this winter. I think in his mind he knows he needs to turn the engines on full board if he wants to force the Giants or any team to pay him the Sabathia type money and he'll be ready to dominate as he did his first couple seasons. And while I think he personally was crazy to turn down the 4 year extension offer he receivered for over 20 ml a year given his body type he really has defied those skeptics and never really been hurt. He just has these random months
  5. LIncecum's agent I feel did his client a disservice. http://www.nbcbayarea.com/blogs/the-cove/Tim-Lincecum-Contract-Rumors-Five-Years-100M-137886938.html If this is true that's ALOT of coin to turn down. Especially with the frame and long term durability. He can command more annually this year in arbitration but I'd think that's a damn good extrension.
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