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  1. Solid streamer when Westbrook is out. He's been on and off the wire in my 20 teamer all year. Doesn't really move the needle anywhere but assists.
  2. He's already getting plenty of minutes as a starter/rookie TBH. So I don't think his minutes will go up a lot, but hopefully this gets him more offensive opportunities. I drafted him in a dynasty later than he deserved and I'm PSYCHED, but I may start benching him soon to see if he gets more aggressive. I have high confidence he will be an absolute stud, but it might not come this year with all the offensive minded players in the starting lineup with him. I honestly wouldn't mind him playing more with the second unit at this point.
  3. He doesn't look very good, period. Looks more like a project than someone that is going to blow up anytime soon.
  4. 2 threes 2 steals 1 block I'll be more than patient with the offense as those numbers pile up.
  5. Available to play today, Visa concerns squashed. Here's hoping for 20 productive minutes.....
  6. It's weird having hope as a Hawks fan. Feels like a team so deep that 2 guys are bound to have a hot night even if the others falter.
  7. Expand on this? I've never heard this situation before.
  8. I'll be curious how many minutes he gets today (especially if Maledon is available?). If he gets 30 mpg there is value there because of his efficiency. But expecting more than 2 threes or numbers from 2016 seem unlikely. He's been getting just under 30 a few times since then and there's a decent gap. Saying that, his role on the Thunder could be much more significant than the role he needed to play for Milwaukee and Cleveland: With 30mpg he will almost certainly be a real solid roto guy but also a prime trade target that will possibly make him worthless at the deadline, someth
  9. All you baby fat having ladies should head out to open tryouts and show them who's boss.
  10. Your numbers feel much more like projections than floor IMO. You're taking what I amount to a "streak" and then finding some middle ground as his "floor", which just comes off as really ambitious to me when he has shown in the past that those numbers are factually not his floor. Could he hit those numbers? Of course. But a floor to me is absolute worst case scenario for a 30 minute projection (which seems to be the number I think we can agree on here), ignoring all frivolous stuff like injuries etc. So, tbd. I think if anything this discussion has show that Keldon has had wiiiiiide swing
  11. I don't think you understand what "floor" means.
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