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  1. Anyone else, he also has Bundy but I think I like Lopez better
  2. Thanks, my team is in signature but you probably can’t see it
  3. Would you trade either J McGee or Colome for Pablo Lopez? H2H points league, WHIR
  4. Love your SPs, especially for a 16 team league, to be honest never heard of a lot of your minor leaguers. Sorry couldn’t be of more help.
  5. He went for $5 in my league last night.
  6. So if you could only have 1 between E. Pagan and J. Romano, who would it be? WHIR
  7. I still think having him starting 3 or 4 days a week plus late game pinch hitting is still better than most, I got him at pick 115 in a 12 teamer last night. Better value would have been in the 130s but not disappointed with the pick.
  8. You just pay a fee to Yahoo, through PayPal or whatever, they have different buy in amounts then you are randomly assigned a season long H2H league. They might do roto not sure. Top 3 in league get paid at end of year.
  9. Cook, Henry, Kamara, probably in that order
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