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  1. What are people reasonably expecting from him? Last year in 3 starts he averaged: 13 points/4 reb/3 ast/1.5 threes/1 stl Don't really know much about this guy and such a small sample size, just trying to see where all the hype is.
  2. Trending up. Delon probably out another month or more if reports of grade 2 strain are true, who knows if Killian Hayes even returns this year. Good opportunity to put up stats on a bad team ROS, shouldn't be on any waiver wires.
  3. Anything to see here? I haven't been watching but he is putting up nice numbers in the past few games.
  4. Guy has to be one of the best value picks in the draft - ranked right around 50th in my league.
  5. Yeah, I think we all have to be reasonable with our expectations - especially in the beginning. I think we see something like: 30 mins/20pts/8reb/2.5ast/1stl/1.5blk I hope I am wrong and he returns to superstar form but I have my doubts, if his FT% bounces back above 80 I will be happy with that.
  6. Picked him up a few games ago for the stocks, he hasn't disappointed - everything else he gives me is a cherry on top. He isn't the most high IQ defender, but he is the most active guy I have seen in the league this year. Sprinting up and down, diving for every loose ball, crashing the glass. All those things are good for us in fantasy, sometimes they lead to him being way out of position. They attacked him with Steph PnR last night pretty hard, Steph lit him up a few times in crunch time. We will see if that continues, I don't want to put too much stock into Steph lighti
  7. He is the only player that I cheer for his team to get blown out, he has salvaged a few bad games with garbage time minutes.
  8. I think he is a hold through this week and then re-assess. He's played 36/34 minutes in his last two and had some decent lines. If he sucks, drop him for the next hot streamer - plenty of them this year.
  9. What does he look like out there? Will he have a bigger role than the beginning of the year when everyone returns? Haven't seen the Sixers play all year, just picked him up for the opportunity this week so would appreciate the insight.
  10. Well, he looked bad out there tonight. Luckily he picked up some stats in garbage time vs the Raptors bench. Same thing I have seen the last few games, he gets isolated and abused on D. Will hope for another game like last where he played well and try to trade him.
  11. Was pretty bad to start the game, ending stat line looked decent but put up some points in garbage time. More than a few wide open jumpers missed by Magic players that would have been easy assists for Anthony First start in his career so people have to temper expectations a bit - hopefully his role sticks around 30 mins/game. Gordon/MCW/Fournier all didn't play so will have to monitor what happens when they come back.
  12. He plays Saturday and Sunday so I will be holding until then at a minimum. He plays insanely hard out there, going for every rebound/steal/block. Happy with what he put up tonight - 10 pts/10reb/1ast/2 stl - For an end of the bench fill in that is a nice line.
  13. While it is a much better sample size we have to be a bit careful basing judgement off his rookie year. It was a different team and different management: Holmes and Haliburton weren't there, the way they are playing they need to be on the court. The team is better with them on the court. Divac is gone, no pressure from upper management to force feed him minutes/production. Monte McNair is an analytics guy in the mold of Morey, shoot threes and get to the line. I think if Bagley can consistently hit threes he will earn some more time.
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