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  1. Alek Manoah, Seth Corry, Joey Cantillo, Joe Ryan, Ethan Small.
  2. Dude can ball. Now the term "stud" is pretty subjective. But yeah he is looking like he could be the steal of the draft.
  3. Then it's 100% fair and just their own strategy.
  4. Play Gio while hes the workhorse. James Conor can come off the covid reserve list tomorrow. Help me with mine?
  5. First, I have to strongly recomend you drop your lowest roster spot for Breshad Perriman. His last 3 games against 3 good defenses (MIA, LAC, NE) hes averaging 78.3 & 3 TDs. With Falcco. If Darnold realizes Perriman is his best WR he could be huge down the stretch. I'd start Deebo & Perriman. Help with mine?
  6. Parker without Preston ia probably your best bet even with Tua at QB. Otherwise if Mixon is out then Gio.
  7. I'd roll with Taysom vs Atlanta. Big Ben is banged up on short rest against a stout Washington defense. Help with mine?
  8. Aiyuk & Agholor for me. Help with mine?
  9. Any other opinions on these 3 Jakobi Beasley or Hollywood Brown would ve much appreciated
  10. Carr for me too. Julio if he goes for sure. Help with mine? Jakobi, Beasley, or Hollywood?
  11. Carson & Dobbins. Pretty sure CEH is hurt and high chance he wont play against a good Denver D. Gallman has been lucky on TDs and the Giants may be in pass mode most of the game. Help with mine? Jakobi, Beasley, or Hollywood?
  12. Im dropping 1 for Hollywood Brown..... is he really better than either one of these guys with Lamar returning?
  13. Hollywood is about to snap off
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