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  1. Still looking for a few more managers. Willing to do a complete redraft if necessary.
  2. Still looking for a couple managers. Let me know if you're interested.
  3. i think weve filled a couple spots. 2 more available.
  4. There is a salary cap. You keep as many players as you want from year to year, but each player costs $5 more that year. All other players go into the auction draft. email me for more details. Looking for 4 replacements. michio3483@gmail.com
  5. I guess I'd prefer the optimism of the unknown and go with Trubisky or Manuel. This is mostly cause you are 1-3 and it seems like you need a higher risk/reward. If you feel the rest of the team is good, then I'd go Flacco as the "safer" pick
  6. 10 team league. 2 RB, 3WR, 1 Flex. I'm in first by a margin thanks to strong RB play, but WRs are a little weak comparatively. My RBs: McCoy, Hunt, Ezekiel, Doug Martin, Abdullah, Duke Johnson, Jacquizz Rodgers My WRs: Cooks, Martavus Bryant, B Marshall, Maclin, Josh Gordon? Question 1: RB depth can disappear suddenly and I don't want to be short, would you still do it? Question 2: Is the value appropriate? Question 3: Would you rather have Evans (note that I have Martin) or someone else? I can probably get any receiver out there cause everyone else is h
  7. chalk up another in agreement with Zeke Gordon Thomas. How do you get to put Zeke on IR? he's not injured
  8. Don't most people think Maclin is better than Moncrief?
  9. Roster sizes: Other than the starting spots, we have 7 bench spots. I drafted both TEs because I missed out on all the ones that were in the tiers above and felt I'd throw two darts at sleeper candidates. Also, since we drafted pretty early, I effectively have 9 bench spots cause I didn't draft K or Def.
  10. to clarify, we start two WRs, there is a WR/TE spot, and a TE spot. Generally, you're best playing 3 WR and 1 TE.
  11. 10-team league, Half-PPR. I have Moncrief (96th pick overall). I feel pretty weak at TE. Should I do it? Current WRs: WR1: B. Cooks WR2: M. Bryant WR3/TE: B. Marshall Bench: J. Maclin; D. Moncrief; (Duke Johnson if he ends up getting WR eligibility) Current TEs: Cameron Brate and Coby Fleener
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