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  1. Could be from are wrestling Mize after they became teammates...
  2. He's a nice flyer for Det. Scouting reports say his defense in the infield and outfield is fine(neither good nor bad). He's got real bat speed and strong hands that provide easy power, but obviously plenty of swing and miss with his long swing. The terrific results in the high minors this year have followed a shortened swing, so it's possible this talented prospect has finally made the necessary adjustment to be a solid all-around mlb player. I have a feeling we'll know a lot more after a week of seeing him in a major league lineup.
  3. Has anyone watched his last few starts since coming back from the shoulder issue? He's been destroyed 2 out of his last 3 starts. Here's to hoping the Tigers aren't letting him pitch through pain/soreness!!
  4. I don't expect the call until mid-April. Detroit has at least 2 more years until they can be competitive, so they'll want that extra year of control. I do believe Mize is ready now(assuming his shoulder is okay), but if M.Manning continues dominating through the end of 2019, they may come up together mid-late April to bring some excitement to Detroit.
  5. Riley Greene(#5 overall in 2019 to Det) 1st game played 4-5, 2 HR's, 2b, 5 rbi
  6. The power is real. He's decent against LHP. He's young, cost controlled, on a rebuilding team. He'll get to play through slumps. I feel he's the typical .250/.350.480 corner we see everywhere. That has value, but I don't see a high AVG. In a bad DET lineup, he'll be a 1 or 2 category hitter, so temper expectations.
  7. He was leading the majors in hard hit % in 2018 for the first 2-3 months, while AVG & HR's lagged. It should even out and he'll be fine. His defense is terrible, and that will hold back his trade value significantly. Avila may not even be able to deal him this summer as he tries to hold out for his pricetag. He's the type of guy who breaks out to a .310 30 110 line one year after moving to a small ballpark, but his true value is held back a ton w/ low BB, poor baserunning and terrible defense at a weak position.
  8. To me it isn't about Healy being significantly better than certain 3b, but a better value. You can pass on the top 3b and fill other positions in the first 10 rounds and still nab J.Turner or Healy in rounds 12-14. That's exactly what I've been doing. I think Healy puts up a very similar line to A.Beltre this year...and goes 7-8 rounds later. He'll also qualify at 1b/3b after a couple weeks, which is a nice additional boost.
  9. I don't understand your reasoning... He is the perfect draft pick in mixed leagues. He is Low Risk/High Reward as a pick outside the first 150 picks. In shallow leagues, he can be dropped after 6-8 weeks if he's struggling and replaced with a J.Bour-type of waivers. There is a 30% chance IMO Thames puts up a line like .268 33/11 85/95 (5th round value) There is a 15% chance IMO Thames puts up a line like .285 36/14 95/105 (2nd/3rd round value) Again, he's a low cost investment. I'm all in on him around the 15th-16th round. I have him in almost every league and willing to drop him mid-late May if he's struggling. I have also invested in M.Sano in rounds 13-14 for the same reasons. Sano has 80 grade power...could be the next C.Davis.
  10. The money leagues in Yahoo have begun. They're a great format to increase the amount of full-season teams you have for real money. $20/$50/$100/$250 teams are available. I don't work for them, just enjoy the extra challenge of joining those leagues.
  11. If he comes over next year, he would be eligible to make a $10 mil signing bonus and arbitration dollars year to year. If he comes over after turning 25, he would likely receive $120-$150 million guaranteed. He's that good. I didn't say the rumors of him coming over next offseason had zero merit, just Rotoworld's blurb that he'll get a massive contract is false.
  12. To be clear...I wasn't criticizing Votto at all. His team sucks, his lineup sucks, the guys hitting in front of him do not get on base. I am only trying to get ppl to be realistic with his rbi projections. It wouldn't surprise me to see him hit .320 w/ 30 hrs...and less than 90 rbi!!!
  13. False information on Rotoworld blub for Otani today. They stated he is likely to be posted and receive a huge contract following the 2017 season. I am not sure how they are not aware of the MLB new CBA rules stating a hard cap on foreign players under the age of 25. Otani is 22. We may see him before he turns 25, but he'll be leaving $100+ million on the table unless he's confident he can sidestep MLB authority on the contract situation.
  14. B.Hamilton has a career .297 OBP(all the way up to .321 in 2016), J.Peraza walked 7 times in 72 games...really...7 times!! Obviously, both guys are extremely fast, but I see some of the lowest OBP in baseball in front of Votto. B.Phillips walked 18 times in 141 games. Duvall was great last year...although he had just a .297 OBP. Bottom line...Votto is stupid good. His lineup is stupid bad...especially OBP.
  15. Why is a 5th round pick too much for 167 innings of dominance? His ADP is around #55 this year, even lower than last year. He is terrific in all 4 SP categories. Yes, he will likely miss 6-10 starts. His numbers when he pitches are terrific.
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