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  1. Dont look now hes hitting .311 with 23 sb already!! With 600 ab thats almost 95 sb. Also great bb/k ratio. He's also 22. Why no chatter?
  2. Hes flat out dominating AA. .515 avg, 6 sb
  3. http://m.milb.com/video/839930083 lol he looks kinda funny, a lot of pop tho
  4. He's in Lynchburg. Lynchburg is High A. Oh ok My bad. I thought it wasn't High A. I guess he's a guy to watch. If he cuts down on K's, acquires plate discipline he could be a gem.
  5. What does he feature? High velocity FB?
  6. Yuck 8 BB 29 K's. Can I say .200 hitter. I'l passsssssssssss. Also not even High A
  7. Are you kidding! This guy's numbers are absolutely off the charts!
  8. Anyone else concerned that his fb is only 91-93mph? That's what I read and i'm worried hes an erasmo ramirez type
  9. Johnny Manziel needs to become a Raider!

  10. Any word on him? Haven't heard anything in a long time. Anybody have updates?
  11. He hasn't had an AB above rookie ball correct? I think we should see him at either high a or double a before we start jumping for joy.
  12. Yes - This year is going to be monumental for him. He's proven he can hit rookie ball, but hopefully he can get some action at High A or Double A this year so we can see what he can really do. Also, he's listed at 160 lbs, so yeah he's got a lot of room to grow. I hope he's not henry urrutia type.
  13. I heard He would have been the first overall pick in that draft if not for his TJ surgery... that should give some idea about his talent.
  14. Matt Moore is a lefty with 95 heat. Sorry but no righty can be compared to a lefty with 95, that is just so rare. Anyways, what is Glasnows velocity at right now? I've seen reports that have him in the low 90's but othrs say mid 90's. Anyone have exact numbers?
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