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  1. yeah i don't understand those people....that's way too risky i could understand 2 maybe but more than that and you are just asking to lose
  2. I've Seen Scenario's like this play out where the hot flavor of the week flops hard in what should be a monster game it's why I'm iffy on buying into characters like this
  3. So tempted to start cole tonight but my other wr's are just beyond him....
  4. i have the same problems my other wr's are keelan cole robby anderson dj moore marquise brown I'm 0-2 so i can't be just tossing any random person into my starting line up so easily
  5. yeah i can't deny that....unfortunately the options on the wire don't make things any better which is why I'm 0-2
  6. qb: gardner minshew II/deshaun watson wr: dj moore/odell beckjam jr/robby anderson/marquise brown/keelan cole rb: derrick henry/david johnson/darrell henderson jr/jerick mckinnon te: travis kelce/mike gesicki k: younghoe koo d: tampa bay i start 1 qb 2 wr 2 rb 1 te 1 kicker 1 defense and 1 at flex position if i need to make any changes or whatever just let me know I'm trying to turn this team around
  7. I Really Regret Dropping James Robinson when i did....now my opponent this week has him and he's starting him not too confident in David Johnson honestly....drafting him may turn out to be something i also regret
  8. I'm already starting Minshew tonight(sorry watson...) but with the news of DJ Chark being out tonight...I'm so tempted to start Keelan cole however that would mean benching odell beckjam jr dj moore or marquise brown and I'm not sure any of those would be a good idea my opponent's starting james robinson so there's this worry that if the jaguars just go ham tonight and i bench cole then I'll be missing out on the other hand if cole flops then I'll be in one of those "why did i do this?!" situations Laviska's also on the wire but just like cole he cou
  9. one downside i am now dealing with is due to the all star game this week is two weeks long instead of just one and the roster change limit doesn't change during that time so I've maxed out my 6 additions a week limit and can't make any changes until after July 29th.... i feel like an idiot now...
  10. this is a standard Yahoo H2H League(NO Redraft Or Keeper) categories are runs homers stolen bases rbi's avg wins saves k's whip era
  11. should i keep asking around until i get a trade offer that isn't one sided in favor of them? or do you think thriving off the wire is good enough for now.....i don't think it is but if i can't get any buyers soon then i don't got much choice
  12. but even if i make it at that mark....staying there will be difficult due to my team's wonky setup(trades aren't ideal as I've announced i was up for trades but the only one sent my way was a trade that wouldn't benefit me in anyway and if anything would hurt me...) this is my team in question (12 Team H2H 7th/12th Place) c: salvador perez 1b: jake bauers 2b: brian dozier 3b: yuli gurriel ss: xander bogaerts of: shin soo-choo of: stephen priscotty of: avisail garcia util: juan soto util: charlie blackmon bench: jo
  13. currently rolling with tom brady as my qb and dak prescott as my backup but right now alex smith is on the free agent wire and i could dump prescott to scoop up smith but should i or am i fine staying put with prescott?
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