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  1. We're trying to get to 10, at 6, have 4 expressed interest so far but none have fully committed yet... still waiting to hear back.
  2. Cool, send a PM for more information! Still willing to take up to 2 more, assuming headkicker and his guy joins...
  3. Long story short: our unique keeper league has slowly lost players over the last few years. Basically everyone who's been in the league has loved it, we just have a lot of guys who are throwing in the towel on fantasy sports in general due to real life stuff (kids, etc). It's been running for at least 13 years now, most of those years on CBS, so we have a long running history on the site. We had 8 owners last year and lost 2 this year, so we need a minimum of 2 to continue. Obviously, it'd be better to get more, hence the 2+ in the title. I'd take up to 4 more. KEY DETAILS: Website: CBS Sports League Entry Fee: $100+CBS fee ($~18) Accounting: LeagueSafe will be used (money up front) Scoring System: 6x6 Roto (BA,HR,RBI,R,SB,OPS x W,S,K,ERA,WHIP,QS) Roster Size: 30 players + 3 DL Keepers: 10 max, occupy slots in the 30 round draft (See below) Keeper System: Unique late round keepers Draft Date: TBD, probably after the season starts (Scoring will still count for games before the draft; you'll be allowed to set your lineup and then lineups will be copied back from there; basically you get to set your ideal roster for that time) KEEPER SYSTEM: Why is this league unique? The keeper system is unlike anything I've come across before, and, imo, really makes the league much more interesting and almost dynasty-like in nature. To keep it short, players drafted in the last 10 rounds of the 30 round draft are eligible to be kept, along with undrafted free agents picked up throughout the season. This basically rewards you for picking out elite prospects before they really make it, resulting in a lot of speculative picks in the later rounds. This also results in something resembling what happens in the actual MLB near the deadline; teams that are out of the hunt end up selling off their non-keeper players to teams in the hunt in exchange for keeper eligible players that can bolster their odds of winning the next season. Players can not be kept forever though, depending on where in the draft you took them (Maximum of two years kept/3 total years owned). It's pretty cool, imo. For more information, Click Here for our detailed rules document. DO I GET KEEPERS?: Yes, you will. If we get 2 new owners to join, we will have a dispersal draft of the keepers from the teams who left. If more than 2 new owners join, we'll have a full expansion draft, where the new owners will again have their pick of the keepers from the 2 departing owners, as well as their pick of some of keepers from legacy teams (they're allowed to protect 2 keepers and we cap off how many any one team can lose to the expansion). FINAL REMARKS: I realize this is pretty late, but, again, the dreaded real life issues have been an issue for me as well. I'm home with a newborn right now and it's just not easy to handle the baby plus other responsibilities AND get this league going. If you're interested, though, let me know here or via PM. Money WILL need to be turned in first via LeagueSafe, of course.
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