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  1. Watkins is hurt. Robinson isn’t really a threat like Hill and Hardman. Bell isn’t more dangerous but he is dangerous. I can’t imagine having a talent like Bell on the field (lined up at wr) not being a positive for the run game. Just my opinion. Like I said, the amount will go down but the per could go up with CEH.
  2. Split Bell out, he will garner a lot of attention, plenty room for Helaire to run. I can see times where they both will be on the field. CEH isn’t going to get as many touches but the ones he does get just might be better.
  3. Yeah, I am just thinking the falcons have no reason to play Freeman. Will they see what their others guys can do? Julio getting benched could raise the value of guys like Gage.
  4. Merge if needed but seeing that D. Freeman was being shopped yesterday, it got me thinking the Falcons will probably sit him late in the year to see what they have. What guys are you eyeing to add before they become possible ”must adds.” Brian Hill came to mind as the Falcons are done. Thoughts? I’m in a 16 team league by the way. These 8 man league guys make me smile.
  5. This guy is a great runner who was punishing defensive players last night. Too bad.
  6. The previously mentioned players for Hopkins/Smallwood. Post your link.
  7. Possibly, but I'd say this is a good indication of his goal line abilities.
  8. Yeah, that is about right. In my defense, 16tm 6pt tds and each team has 2 qbs rostered. Luck is my 2nd so I panicked after week 1 loss. Anyone who reads this...DO NOT PANIC!
  9. Carson Palmer...I accepted last week then watched Wentz on my bench do better than Palmer. Sadface
  10. I too am a diehard Sooner fan and I disagree with above. Perine is hard to bring down. He doesn't have great speed but he gets what's available and then some. He is also a pretty good pass catcher which helps hide what the O is doing. When Thompson is in? Pass. Fat Rob? Run. Perine will have this backfield by week 5.
  11. The good thing is you don't have to start him. You hold him and see what happens. I'm crossing my fingers.
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