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  1. I think this is fair although the Westbrook and RoCo side clearly wins. Cannot see why this would be vetoed.
  2. I'd go with RoLo. Has 4 games and yes Len gets time, but he isn't all that.
  3. Fellow RoCo owner here and I am fed up. I'd drop him or Brolo.
  4. Need help at Forward spot, targeted an 0-5 and Jerami Grant owner. WHIR I get my T. Rozier & D. Bazley I receive J. Grant My team G: D. Lilliard, Lo. Ball, D. Mitchell, B. Hield, T. Rozier F: K. Leonard, T. Harris, Cam Johnson, D. Bazley, R. Covington, J. Jackson Jr 😄 B. Adebayo, M. Turner H2H Points based league
  5. Vanderbilt? With KAT still out could have a nice week. Maybe he even sticks in the starting 5.
  6. Upcoming week should be a good test. No CJ or Nurkic = more opportunities. If he cannot get it going, might be time to punt.
  7. He isn't officially out. If he test negative the rest of the week, he can play. If he is out, then that is a nice match up although Chase Daniels is an experienced back up. I'm sure you can wait to see if Stafford is out or not.
  8. Which D. Johnson? Assuming David, not Duke. Nice RBS btw. Close call, but going to say yes. Waller is #2 Te with Kittle done and you have RB depth to sustain the Hunt loss.
  9. 1. Keep gaskin 2. Keep Henry - Washington is so up and down and affects Thomas 3. I'd drop kirk or miller for Reagor
  10. No. You don't have the depth at RB to do that. Evans will have to deal with Godwin coming back and the introduction of Brown.
  11. I'd stay put. I know Kelce is tempting, but you have serviceable TEs and Hopkins is a target monster. Plus Montgomery has no one challenging him for work.
  12. Yes please. Once Mostert and Wilson come back, buh bye Hasty one would have to think. Brady is settling in nicely in TB.
  13. Kelce is essentially a WR1. Far and away the best TE. I too am in a ppr league and he has 140 total points. The top WR, Locket (weird to see btw), has 146 total points. Thielen is an interesting name, but that offense is all about Cooks as we witnessed last week. I would need a serious bounty for Kelce. If you can get someone besides Parker, that would be better. W/Tua at QB, that hurts Parker. I say ask for more. Clearly he wants Kelce and who wouldn't.
  14. Tough. I traded for MT weeks ago and yeah... you know how that worked out. Past history aside, I'd prefer a healthy MT over Evans. Factor in that Godwin is back and add Brown – that is a lot of mouths to feed.
  15. I prefer the Adams side of the deal. Hopefully last week with Taylor was a 1 time thing. Adams > Thomas even when Thomas is healthy imo.
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