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  1. Can you give some thoughts on Carrasco? Had him in a dynasty league for 3 years now and it seems like his value has gone nowhere but down.
  2. Two stars god do you suck

  3. Ya I can't really do much between 2-10 other than on my break which is usually around 7. Our management got a big hardon about cell phones about a month ago so it makes drafting a real pain in the a** for me. Also my friend who registered on the forums, thinking he was gonna be in the league, is gonna help me make my picks while i'm at work. So if you you could leave him registered on the forums until the draft is over that would be swell.
  4. Ya it sucks, I remember a few years ago when Slipknot released Subliminal Verses and after listening to it I was just like, Ok where did Slipknot go. It wasn't even a horrible album, but it wasn't Slipknot, who was one of my favorite bands at the time. Even Skinny Puppy (who isn't metal) when they released The Greater Wrong of Right completely changed their sound into a more commercial, faster sound. It was still a great album and luckily their last album they went back to more of their original sound. But they were the one group that I never would have thought would ever change their sound.
  5. I finally got the new In Flames album. It's a shame that every metal band seems to get softer over time, but it's still a great album. Actually kind of Ironic it's their softest album but first every album with a parental advisory sticker. Also just started listening to Mastodon and I can't stop. Amazing band.
  6. I havn't been able to stop listening to the Haunted lately. Love them.
  7. My favorite intro for almost any metal song I think is Seasons In the Abyss by Slayer. I'm not even a huge Slayer fan but I love that song.
  8. I always have an In flames CD ready to pop in. Other than that I listen to a very large variety of stuff. Probably about %50 metal and the other %50 every thing else.
  9. Boz you ninjad Corpas from me. I even told Ray I was gonna take him.
  10. Note Boz and I both picked within 5 minutes after Spundin last night.
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