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  1. [...]He looked very good - that O line was giving him some very good lanes, but credit to him too as he was decisive and ran hard. That play when he went out at the 1 😢 and then got vultured.
  2. Agree with this...I have two top 1-15 options in JRobinson, who may not be 100% and possible X factor Jax and the #1 pick thing, & Gibson if he starts coming off turf-toe, are they slam dunks over Pollard with no Zeke? These are the decisions that I and many others likely are all wrestling with this week.
  3. having the "bye" come earlier than expected does force some difficult decisions (coupled with injuries). You may not have the luxury of keeping high profile bench stashes while you wait to see how things are sorted out or hit the jackpot with an early season injury to a starter. Those with the Pollards, Edmonds, Mattisons may have to drop those guys just to field a full team. I'll be interested to see what they do with players that would get the "O" (out) designation on the postponed game. I have AJ Brown, and he was most likely going to be "O" again, which allows me in Yahoo to put him in an
  4. If I'm ever unsure of who to drop, I typically drop my kicker - that gives me 4 more days to consider my options or try and make a trade. Make your drop Sunday morning and pick up a kicker off the wire. That being said, I'd probably go the same as MGibb1 in Singeltary, Swift, Dobbin last.
  5. saw this on Rich Hribar's "The Worksheet" on this game: Per Pro Football Focus, in four career games versus Aqib Talib, Amari Cooper has caught 1-of-6 targets for eight yards and no touchdowns in Talib's coverage. Per Pro Football Focus, in five career games versus Marcus Peters, Cooper has caught 6-of-12 targets for 77 yards and no touchdowns in Peters' coverage. I was iffy on starting him, then I read those statements. Of course, it's a new year, anything could happen, but the likelihood of a 100+ yard game against those corners seems doubtful. Maybe he catches a
  6. I would still go Jones, as Dallas may sprinkle in too much R. Smith & McFadden just to see what works best moving forward. Jones out-snapped Montgomery by a good margin last game. Team 2 I like Kamara at home. Toss up between Alf and Martin. Maybe Martin for the same reasons as above. For the flex Alf has a safer floor but Cooper with the higher ceiling. I'd lean Cooper.
  7. Byes, suspensions and injuries killin' me. Only 5 bench spots.
  8. Doctson can't stay healthy, and with the Meredith injury, White will get far more opportunities than Doctson (who would be the 4/5th option even if he can get healthy).
  9. we can keep 3 players each year for the following 2 years. The Ezekiel Elliot owner decided not to keep (kind of surprised), and I have the 1st pick. It's either him or Antonio Brown who can't kept again (or Julio). Gamble and take Elliot with his suspension status still up in the air? Or go the safe route with AB/Julio? My other keepers are Jordan Howard, Pryor, and Mariota. If this is strictly redraft you probably don't take Elliot first, but as a keeper, it makes the decision tougher. Have finished 11th and 9th the last two years, so yes I do want to plan for the next two y
  10. Henry at a cost of a 6th round pick, or Mariota at a cost of a 10th? Right now I've leaning Mariota, I think he has a chance to maybe finish in the 5-8 range. I realize Henry needs an injury to be really relevant, but also thinking ahead to next year. I can see the Titans cutting Murray to save $, and I'd get an RB1 at a 6th round price. My other keepers are Jordan Howard (10th) and Terrelle Pryor (11th).
  11. having a nice spring so far - after his 3 for 4 performance today, he's north of .400. through 35 ABs. Seems like he could be a 20/10 and his ADP is around 364. While his stint with the Diamondbacks wasn't overly impressive late last year, his AAA numbers were ridiculous (185 WRC+ in 74 games). I don't buy 20 SB, but 10-12 to go along with 20-24 HRs. Could slot in 5th or 6th in the lineup. If his BABIP is closer to his minor league track record he won't be a drain on average either, especially with a K% in the low 20's and a 37% hard contact in his callup. If he keeps raking in ST
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