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  1. Thanks for the reply. Next time I see the problem, I'll capture the details and send a mail to help as you suggested.
  2. I realize this is an old thread - but I have been having these issues of late. I tried clearing cookies etc - have this issue across browsers. And then I realized - if I'm on VPN to my work network, I don't hit this issue. If I am directly logged in from my home Wi-Fi, I get the "Banned" message - again, I am fairly sure I haven't done anything to deserve it! If I login using WiFi tethering from my mobile data, again, no issues. So it seems my home WiFi / internet IP address is being blocked by the rotoworld forums (rotoworld website has no issues, only the forums)
  3. Has issued 6 walks all season so far. Even with lower Ks, he's been superb in K/BB leagues so far.
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