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  1. Heading into 2020 I figured there was a 100% chance he would get traded during the season. As an AL only league player, that dropped him way down on my board. Now that COVID-19 has disrupted everything, what do people think the trading scenario in MLB will be like when/if they start the season? Will teams shy away from trying to acquire guys like Whit if they only get them for a fraction of the games they would during a full 162 game shedule?
  2. W - Until they revise how W's are given out in the real world, I'll dislike the stat as a category. QS - I love this one and tried to get my league to switch a few years ago, but was in the minority. IP - straight IP? Not sure why you would use that. H - hits or holds? If it's hits, I'm not sure why you would use this. Holds I like, but not as a stand alone category SV+H - not a fan of making saves and holds equal. My league uses W, ERA, IP-Hits, K-BB, Sv-BS+(Hold/2). Greatest categories ever (except for W).
  3. Drafting two months before the season starts is dumb.
  4. My 10 team, AL only, auction, keeper uses the following: average, HR, RBI, runs, 2*SB+BB wins, ERA, K-BB, IP-H, saves+holds/2-blown saves I've been trying to get the league to switch to quality starts+relief wins, instead of straight wins, but so far it hasn't passed.
  5. My league instituted a salary cap several years ago and all it did was make 2 for 2 trades into 4 for 4 trades so people could stay under the cap. Useless IMO. As for teams loading up with high priced stars, I say let them. Eventually they'll run out of decent value players to trade, nobody else will dump to them and the issue will take care of itself.
  6. When my league went to saves + holds back in the mid 2000s, I loaded up on 8th inning guys for next to nothing and won the category going away. We voted to change it the next season. We revised the category to "saves + holds/2 - blown saves" which gives closers more worth than set-up pitchers.
  7. Pretty much. Depends on the player, my other keepers and who I think will be available at that position at the draft. Do you HAVE to keep 11 or can you keep less if you want? Unless you're in a mixed league with less than 15 teams it's tough to have 11 good value keepers. If your keepers are really that good, I wouldn't throw a pitcher back just to have a pitcher spot open at the draft.
  8. After three years with CBS in the late 2000's, which I didn't care for, we're going into our 11th season with OnRoto. The site may not be flashy, but it's more than solid. Custom categories galore and great customer service. Highly recommend.
  9. Altuve is a beast and you can afford him based on your other keepers. Pull the trigger.
  10. 10 team, AL only, auction draft. We added holds years ago and used "saves + holds" as the relief category. I bought a ton of 8th inning guys for next to nothing, dominated the category and won the league. The next season we refined the relief category to "saves + holds/2". Still giving MR some value, but making closers worth more. Since then we've refined it even more to "saves - blown saves + holds/2". Now elite automatic closers go for premium, regular closers go for reasonable prices and MR still have value. Greatest category ever.
  11. Thanks, Bog. I think his value is increased a little in AL only. I may still go after him as a potential keeper. Thanks again!
  12. I have the opportunity to obtain Niemann in an AL only roto and I was considering it. Why the negative review of him?
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