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  1. Heading into 2020 I figured there was a 100% chance he would get traded during the season. As an AL only league player, that dropped him way down on my board. Now that COVID-19 has disrupted everything, what do people think the trading scenario in MLB will be like when/if they start the season? Will teams shy away from trying to acquire guys like Whit if they only get them for a fraction of the games they would during a full 162 game shedule?

  2. 1 hour ago, bigbossman said:

    How would you rank these categories in a Roto league:








    Looking to add a 6th category,  already use W SV ERA Whip K




    W - Until they revise how W's are given out in the real world, I'll dislike the stat as a category.

    QS - I love this one and tried to get my league to switch a few years ago, but was in the minority.

    IP - straight IP? Not sure why you would use that.

    H - hits or holds? If it's hits, I'm not sure why you would use this. Holds I like, but not as a stand alone category

    SV+H - not a fan of making saves and holds equal.

    My league uses W, ERA, IP-Hits, K-BB, Sv-BS+(Hold/2). Greatest categories ever (except for W).  :)

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  3. On 2/7/2020 at 10:24 AM, CrypTviLL said:

    Another topic I'm interested in hearing opinions on is the best possible ROTO categories.

    Standard : 5x5 R/RBI/HR/SB/AVG and W/S/K/ERA/WHIP

    I replace AVG with OBP, just makes too much obvious sense.

    But other than that I'm pretty stumped.

    Last year I did a number of things, I had a 6x6 with R/RBI/HR/SB/OBP/SLG and W/S/K/ERA/WHIP/ (k/bb) or K/9.

    But I hate the double nature of the 6th pitching category.. I'm already counting k's, I hate counting it twice in the form of K/bb or K/9. I also am not sure if I liked the SLG% stat. So I went back to 5x5.

    We obviously all have issues with W's or QS... but QS was worse than wins for me... I hated seeing my pitchers do well only to go 5 IP and get the Win, but no the QS. Also kinda enjoyed chasing WINS more than QS because I could have some MRP get a few chip in wins (but they can't get chip in QS's).

    In any case, what do you enjoy playing? 


    My 10 team, AL only, auction, keeper uses the following:

    average, HR, RBI, runs, 2*SB+BB

    wins, ERA, K-BB, IP-H, saves+holds/2-blown saves

    I've been trying to get the league to switch to quality starts+relief wins, instead of straight wins, but so far it hasn't passed.


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  4. On 1/1/2020 at 11:11 PM, duke of queens said:

    Wondering if anyone has any good league rules to combat/limit late season dump trades in auction keeper league? In season salary cap would work but would be burdensome to keep track/enforce since we are using Yahoo. Looking to limit teams from just trading away multiple high priced star players that cannot be kept the next year for cheap value players. Not trying to do away with it, just trying see if anyone had any good rules to limit the amount of players going to a team. It has gotten a little out of hand the last few years as teams out of the race just dont care about the non-keepers they will include a lot for any low priced keepers. 


    My league instituted a salary cap several years ago and all it did was make 2 for 2 trades into 4 for 4 trades so people could stay under the cap. Useless IMO. As for teams loading up with high priced stars, I say let them. Eventually they'll run out of decent value players to trade, nobody else will dump to them and the issue will take care of itself.

  5. On 1/30/2020 at 10:02 AM, BostonCajun said:

    For those of you that have done Saves+Holds leagues what is your strategy when it comes to drafting RP? My league just switched to this format which I've never done before but I like the idea of it because I never draft closers anyway due to their volatility. It seems like there is no reason to spend on closers or really any RP until late in the draft with so many guys picking up holds. I could be mistaken but I'm curious what others generally do.

    When my league went to saves + holds back in the mid 2000s, I loaded up on 8th inning guys for next to nothing and won the category going away. We voted to change it the next season. We revised the category to "saves + holds/2 - blown saves" which gives closers more worth than set-up pitchers.

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  6. 44 minutes ago, murraygd13 said:

    Do you keep your best "value" players even though it would limit your draft/auction options.

    Pretty much.

    44 minutes ago, murraygd13 said:

    Would you keep a lesser "value" player if it gives you more options on draft day?

    Depends on the player, my other keepers and who I think will be available at that position at the draft.

    45 minutes ago, murraygd13 said:

    Example...We can keep up to 11 players in a keeper league where we start 14 hitters and 9 pitchers...My best value players if I go by kept salary versus prices published so far (Mastersball, Rotowire, etc.) Would be to keep 9 pitchers and 2 hitters.  This would mean during the auction I couldn't bid on any pitchers or nominate any pitchers.  Or would you keep a couple pitchers spots open just to be able to bid on or throw out pitchers in the draft. Keeping a couple pitchers spots open would mean keeping some players who according to prices published at this time wouldn't have as much profit.  Ideally I would make a trade but the league is pretty tough to make trades in the pre-season.

    Do you HAVE to keep 11 or can you keep less if you want? Unless you're in a mixed league with less than 15 teams it's tough to have 11 good value keepers. If your keepers are really that good, I wouldn't throw a pitcher back just to have a pitcher spot open at the draft.

  7. 10 team, AL only, auction draft.  We added holds years ago and used "saves + holds" as the relief category.  I bought a ton of 8th inning guys for next to nothing, dominated the category and won the league.  The next season we refined the relief category to "saves + holds/2".  Still giving MR some value, but making closers worth more.  Since then we've refined it even more to "saves - blown saves + holds/2".  Now elite automatic closers go for premium, regular closers go for reasonable prices and MR still have value.  Greatest category ever.

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  8. Its not so much that I am totally negative on Niemann, I just think he tends to be over valued in many leagues. He shows some good things when he is on - a decent fastball and a decent curve - but I don't feel like he changes speeds as well as he should and he sometimes lacks command of the strike zone and leaves pitches up. He's looks imposing, but he is not overpowering enough to get by with either at the MLB level. Add in on and off nagging injuries and he just doesn't excite me enough to spend more than a late pick. If you can get him cheap, you could do worse as a back of your rotation guy, but it seems like he is more likely to be seen as a middle of the rotation option and I question the value there.

    He needs to show me he is ready to take it up a notch and do it consistently.

    Thanks, Bog. I think his value is increased a little in AL only. I may still go after him as a potential keeper. Thanks again!

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