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  1. Very very seriously doubt you're getting Soto for a pitcher in a dynasty/keeper. He may be having a down year, but the long-term outlook hasn't changed.
  2. If you're not a bit concerned, you're in denial. Yeah yeah his statcast page is all red... have you looked at his fangraphs page? Teams are shifting him twice as often as last year, he has the seventh highest ground ball rate in the majors and pitchers are coming in the zone against him more than they have since his rookie year because they're not afraid of him (or at least as afraid as they have been). Whether he's still hurt or it's a swing issue to iron out, there is something wrong here; he hasn't been the same guy.
  3. Problem is that a ton of the guys who underperform their Statcast numbers are guys who are vulnerable to the shift and, well, Soto has been very vulnerable to the shift. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/the-complicated-mix-thats-hurting-juan-soto/ And dear god, one of the commenters on the article pointed out that both his Home/Away and Day/Night splits are absurd and they're right. I wonder what would be causing that or if it's just a small sample size. He is significantly worse at home and in day games this year.
  4. Found this interesting for anybody worried they may have overspent on him considering his injuries...
  5. The flexor tendinitis should be the elbow injury, as far as I know. I believe you're right; before that, it was just ongoing issues with his lat.
  6. I'm a fan of the vague "gets injured this year" prediction. You can't argue with that! Misses a month? Told ya! Misses three months? Told ya! Misses a start? Told ya!
  7. Where are you seeing he had a sudden uptick in spin rates? Is that info even available for minor leagues? To my knowledge, his "sudden success" was more due to a boost in his velocity, which has zero to do with SpiderTack.
  8. I continue to not understand holds. David Price pitched the longest of any Dodgers pitcher in yesterday's game, allowing 0 runs over 2 innings while they had the lead. The pitcher in before him got the win and every pitcher after him got a hold or save, while he gets nothing...
  9. If he injured it bringing groceries into his house, it's Manfred's fault for not providing the players with three meals a day.
  10. Yeah, no idea what's going on here... he's swinging less, making contact less, and both striking out and walking more than he has in years. Whatever is happening, I hope it can be turned around.
  11. Day game tomorrow, so he was for sure going to sit one of these two.
  12. Are old players allowed to slump? He had a bad month. He had an awesome April. Was there something significant about May 1 that finally put him over the hill?
  13. Who else grabbed the non-Wander Rays call-up? He's consistently hit well in the minors and had a good debut yesterday. He's generally been considered a top 10 prospect in a very deep system and, yet, still seems largely overlooked in prospect circles.
  14. Also not a large sample size, but he was considerably better on the road in 2019, to the point where his OPS at home is less than .100 better than on the road over his whole career.
  15. Ho hum... just another ace-like performance against the second best offense in the National League. In addition, his 1.06 ERA and .65 WHIP over the last 34 innings might be considered good in some circles.
  16. I understand some unwritten rules, but this isn't one of them. Children get upset about somebody beating them in a game by a lot of points; adults don't, and that's only referring to adults that don't get paid a lot of money to play a game for a living.
  17. Yes. This is possiblity the most comfortable I've ever been with a fantasy prediction.
  18. I don't see whatever's happening as an age issue, by the way, since his velocity is fine. That gives me hope that he can turn it around, but something seems to be going on.
  19. Odd time to ask that question now that he's the leadoff hitter and hitting .275 with a .383 OBP in the last two weeks... I think I was pretty spot on. I'd like to see his hard hit rate and a few other indicators take more of a step forward, but for now, I think he's fine. His whiff and K-rate are exceptional and his walk rate has taken a notable step forward.
  20. Something's up with his fastball; I don't know if it's a tipping issue or what, but it was an extremely effective pitch in 2018 and 2019 (wFB of 7.0 and 7.8 per Fangraphs). It's lost its effectiveness in the last year (-1.0 and -1.1 in '20/'21). I think it is something to be concerned about.
  21. Maybe you'd have more luck if you asked more specific questions.
  22. I wasn't trying to imply I was hoping for injuries; just that, as mavsfan says, they're likely. In a more shallow league, it might not make sense to roster Poteet, but in a deep league with scarce pitching, I'd bet on the innings being there.
  23. This assumption is doing a lot of heavy lifting in this question. Betting on one of five guys to be injured on a pitching staff in most years is a good bet, let alone this year.
  24. Jon Gray has been killing it this year. Mind you, this start was made a lot easier with the Padres' COVID issues, but he's been an excellent pickup so far.
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