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  1. It's already going to be a weird season. If some guys aren't there on day one, you can still start playing games. It's in the players, fans, and owners' interest. If there's any way for it to happen, it will happen.
  2. Yeah, we're in northwest Ohio and deal with Michigan companies a lot. I understand why they were aggressive with their measures but if they tried to hold those measures in place for more than a few weeks, they would've had a political and economic mess on their hands. The protests were somewhat a manifestation of that, but they had to dial it back as soon as they could, regardless imo.
  3. The protests didn't "work". The governor put in place EXTREMELY harsh bans that never would've survived politically for more than a few weeks but were arguably necessary to deal with a massive spike in infections during that time period.
  4. Most pessimists consider themselves realists, as if the worst possible scenario is always inevitable. The Angels might miss Trout if he decides not to play, but we already know for a fact that other players aren't necessarily following his lead, so I'm not sure why people assume Trout not playing would deter the entire Angels squad from showing up.
  5. In some places, the 2nd half will absolutely be as bad as the first, but a lot of places avoided a bad first wave. The goal as I've always understood it is "flattening the curve"; there's always been a tacit recognition that this would be ongoing for a while. Slow and cautious reopening of businesses and events is and should happen. Most of the country doesn't have the political will or economic ability to stay on a complete shutdown indefinitely. Hopefully states have used the time they've bought wisely to procure supplies and organize healthcare systems to deal with the next wave, which is coming.
  6. I just wanted an excuse to look up his stats again...
  7. Neither bryant nor Longoria has ever matched Soto's age 20 16.4% bb rate OR .266 ISO. Ever. This is a silly comparison.
  8. Trump's strolled out and told the nation everything's fine dozens of times in the last few months; if you think the country is waiting with baited breath to see when he'll let us get back to normal, you're sorely mistaken. There are some Republican-led holdout states, but any state with Democratic leadership and even several with Republican leadership (Ohio and Utah, for example) are not going back to normal just because Trump said so.
  9. Many of them are single; many of them would deal with not seeing family for stretches in order to not waste a year of their prime earning power; then there are the minor leaguers who would jump at the chance to take the place of those who declined to play. Guys are free to stay home if they don't want to play; nobody's going to force them.
  10. Right? I'm not sure why the idea that most of America doesn't like having people in Washington or New York or LA make decisions for them is so tough for people to grasp. We have a number of professions that involve serious risk and people still do them.
  11. I think we're being too pessimistic on a couple fronts, with regards to play this year. There are very real serious logistical issues; some of which can be managed and some of which may not be as big of an issue in a month and a half as we expect that they will be. Others are fairly easily dealt with; I doubt MLB and the players will forego their paychecks and a year of revenue because sitting six feet apart is too difficult, for example. This is a dynamic situation and I think MLB would be silly not to use this off-time to try to come up with a tentative plan for play; better to plan now for a potential season than to... I'm really not sure what the alternative is... give up, sit on the couch, and watch TV?
  12. Elijah Dukes is infamous in most long-running dynasty leagues, I'd imagine. His name still gets brought up every once in a while in ours.
  13. Walker Buehler's xFIP dropped more from 2018 to 2019 then Verlander's did; is he on the decline, too?
  14. Not to mention plenty of states have largely shut down. The federal response may be meh but local governments in many areas are stepping up.
  15. You are putting words in my mouth. My only take was that it wasn't particularly dangerous to the players; I didn't comment on anybody in the stands and think it's entirely reasonable to play games in empty stadiums. I think the fact that it's not necessarily dangerous to the players does, however, make it more likely that games will be played in some capacity, albeit with extra precautions taken.
  16. Generally speaking, it's the elderly that are most vulnerable to this. While everybody's still getting their heads around this, there are signs it's not particularly dangerous to the young and healthy.
  17. I agree whole-heartedly with this. I was lucky enough to get Acuna late in a dynasty draft and basically fell a**-backwards into discovering him. I don't see somebody with his track record of being the youngest player in two different leagues and out-hitting all of his peers being looked over like that these days. Acuna and Soto both showed promise once they got stateside and were still being looked over; that isn't happening anymore. If you want these guys cheap now, you have to be on them earlier, and there's a lot more uncertainty going with that.
  18. The way I see it, ratio-helping non-closing relievers are some of the most volatile and available assets during the season. I don't know if it's viable in every league, mind you, but I think you can attack WHIP and ERA at low cost if everybody else is rostering mediocre starters in a bid for one category.
  19. If teams are chasing quality starts that desperately, it seems like they'd be vulnerable in ratios.
  20. We've seen plenty of diseases put up big numbers overseas only to come to the US and get exposed by big league pitching... wait....
  21. The most notable part may be the 113 mph ev. Spring training or not, not every major leaguer can do that.
  22. Hitting first in an early spring training game doesn't mean much. He'll have to work his way up the lineup in regular season games unless he has a bonkers spring training.
  23. We have some odd league settings, but he was the 5th best hitter on a per game basis last year. At possibly the deepest position in baseball, you want ceiling, right?
  24. Exit velocity and hard hit % have both been elite the last two years. His big improvement last year was cutting his BB rate in half and making that elite, too. Mind you, he was a mess in September, so do with that what you will.
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