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  1. They adopted MLB balls at AAA this year; the numbers he's putting up are against non-MLB pitchers with an MLB ball.
  2. He's cooled down at AAA. Maybe a call-up is imminent, but he's not doing much to force the issue right now.
  3. It was mentioned earlier, I believe, but Jansen said he took some lessons from sogard's swing and crouched more. He said he felt like this stance keeps his head still and helps him see the ball better.
  4. I'll throw in Miguel Sano. He looks like he could beast in the second half with a good lineup around him and he may not be too expensive just yet, as he recently came off a bad stretch where they were actively trying to adjust his swing at the Major League level.
  5. Everybody bail and miss his June? Over the last 2 weeks, he's at a 176 wRC+ with 8.8 BB% and 5.9 K%. Also, somewhat relevant to dynasty owners, Fangraphs has him among the better defensive catchers this year.
  6. It should be noted that his "plate discipline" has actually been good. Both O and Z-swing% are above-average in the right directions. The problem, so far, is his contact percentage is well below the Major League average. If this adjustment allows him to make more contact, he could be dangerous.
  7. What a boss. Last year, there was the Tommy John scare that he just shrugged off and now this.
  8. Keeps hitting and currently working on 2B/3B/SS/LF eligibility; the Twins seem intent on keeping him in the lineup. The peripherals so far are nuts: 95.1% contact rate; 1.9% SwStr%; both lead the Majors for anybody with 50 PA (an admittedly small sample, but still).
  9. One start away from 1B eligibility in Yahoo, in case anybody was wondering.
  10. He was probably holding back somewhat. Sustaining an elbow injury while holding out for a contract would be counter-productive.
  11. OPS by month: .731 - .869 - 1.022 (so far) - last 7 games 1.848 Top hitter in my league over the last month. I love this man. Imagine if he played half his games in Coors!
  12. OPS by month: .731 - .869 - 1.022; last 7 games 1.662 Dear God...
  13. That's not right. Jeff McNeil, for example, has 3 starts + 1 substitution in right field. They consider him to have 4 "games played" and 3 "games started"; so he needs 6 of the former and 2 of the latter for eligibility.
  14. Any yahoo keeper league that doesn't have a contingency plan for them changing it is going to have a rude awakening at some point. I'd venture virtually all redraft leagues and probably most keeper leagues want it changed.
  15. On yahoo, you would get an appearance at both. It's 10 appearances or 5 starts to gain eligibility at a position.
  16. He's on pace for 200 K's and 16+ wins with a sub-1.20 WHIP. How big of a league are we talking about?
  17. Playing time is a big question this year, but between AAA & MLB, his last strikeout was May 26. You had to go back to May 16 before that. I don't know what he is at this point, but you can probably do a lot worse as a flyer in keeper leagues, especially if you can afford to hold for a bit.
  18. Yeah, he needs two more starts or four more games played. You can always check this stuff by going to Players -> Position Eligibility and doing a search.
  19. Really? Most people on this forum scoff if you say they should pay for content. Most of these writers probably want to impress a team and get hired away from writing; I doubt they see fantasy baseball analysis as the industry that will feed their children.
  20. Besides that, the fantasy community has biases and always assumes that good-hitting weak-fielding prospects will be given 400 AB's to figure things out at the Major League level. It's nice to get the full picture from Fangraphs and the like, so you can realistically make your own guess at their eventual position, chances of a call-up, and leash once they get there. In reality, prospects almost never get the leash we think they will and the non-fantasy skills tend to play a big part in that.
  21. He's thrown 109 153 120 113; he may be in-line for an innings limit, but he's most certainly thrown more than 43 innings before.
  22. He's signed through 2020 with a vesting option for 2021, so he's almost certainly playing at least one more year.
  23. From the get go means 200 AB's into his Major League career? I'm not trying to write him off, but he's been hot for a week.
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