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  1. You have him in a dynasty and you're freaking out over JUST a .779 OPS in 119 AB's at age 20!?
  2. Turner will be back soon, which will provide a big boost to the top of that lineup.
  3. He's pitching well, he was never going to be a pure closer, and there haven't been an abundance of opportunities for saves on the Brewers lately. I'm not nervous, but then again, he can provide value in my league while not delivering consistent saves.
  4. They are showing signs lately of using him in a bit of a bulk role after the opener, too, which may lead to some extra wins.
  5. Sorry for the skepticism but this is the third or fourth case of AAA guy suddenly looking amazing this year. They are using new balls leading to a home run surge at that level and there are a lot of insane OPS numbers floating around. Skye Bolt, Luis Urias, Carter Kieboom, Ty France, and Josh VanMeter have all looked amazing based on 2019 AAA numbers, along with dozens of other players. All I'm saying is tempered expectations might be in order...
  6. Personally, I like the idea of that being the intended sentiment: "He's a legitimate five-tool talent and could climb three levels this year but meh..."
  7. Jordan Balazovic deserves some love for his year so far. Thought he was a bit under-rated coming into the year; Keith Law most notably touted him in the offseason. A+ debut 5/5/19 - 7 IP 0 H 0 BB 10 SO Had a .92 WHIP/2.18 ERA/33:4 SO:BB before the promotion.
  8. He hasn't played in several days so they can back-date the IL stint to the last time he played. This makes him eligible to come off IL on the 11th instead of the 14th.
  9. Thoughts on James McCann? Has multiple hits in 5 of his last 7 starts; has been hitting cleanup the last couple games; Baseball Savant has him as the third best hitter this season on the White Sox by xwOBA; the last day he was benched was 4/23 and that string of games includes a start at DH. Is anybody else intrigued here?
  10. The two most common comps I see for McNeil are Justin Turner and Matt Carpenter. McNeil just turned 27; below are his MLB stats (2017-2018 - 364 PA) compared to Carpenter and Turner's age 27 stats. It's getting hard to write this off as a small sample size and there are cases of similar hitters finding more power once they adjust to big league pitching. It's no given, mind you, but I still see a considerable ceiling here, even if others don't.
  11. Just speculation at this point, but it's confirmed he's been bumped from his start: https://www.brewcrewball.com/2019/4/30/18524574/freddy-peralta-to-be-activated-from-injured-list-start-thursday
  12. This may be a means of limiting his innings a bit. Personally, I thought he'd start the year in the bullpen for that reason, but long-term, I don't see this having a big impact on his value. Short-term is a different story.
  13. Generally, sure, but that runs projection is worthless if the move to the top of the order is permanent.
  14. It's a bit of a confusing profile for me, at this point. While he's swinging at MORE pitches out of the zone, his contact rate on those pitches has jumped a ton, from 58.3% to 67.8% so far. The contact rate on all pitches is now solidly above league average. It's also worth pointing out that other guys are making the high O-swing% profile work. Tim Anderson is behind Javier Baez on that list; Schoop and Mondesi are also top-5; Eddie Rosario and Ozzie Albies are also in the top-11 and have a wRC+ over 100. Tim Anderson shares speed and an aggressive approach with those guys; if the contact
  15. I like Kieboom but we really have to remember to take these PCL numbers with a grain of salt. He had an OPS of .721 in AA last year. The Fresno Grizzlies as a team have an .860 OPS and if we're going strictly in terms of expecting their current stats to help right away in the middle infield, then his teammate, Jacob Wilson, has the better credentials with a 1.234 OPS. All I'm saying is don't get too excited about this stat line just yet.
  16. Not sure; as long as he keeps drawing walks, I doubt the Nationals care all that much. Tied with a few others for 5th in the Majors so far with 17.
  17. This old vs. new thing is kind of BS, anyway. How old are Jose Urena, Brad Keller, or Chris Archer? The internet tells us this is old people vs. young people when it's not. Joe West didn't throw at Anderson; Keller did. We're just constantly told people belong in demographic camps even when there's tons of overlap.
  18. The Denver air impacts stolen bases now?
  19. Is there an NL player hitting sixth regularly ranked better than McNeil? I can't find one. It seems like average is enough to carry value; and if he keeps hitting like this, he'll get moved up and those run and possibly RBI numbers will improve.
  20. The league has figured out that if you don't throw him fastballs, then he is only a moderately above average MLB hitter as opposed to a no-doubt Hall of Famer. The walk rate's still excellent but he's getting a crash course in hitting Major League breaking pitches and, truth be told, handling himself very admirably for a 20-year-old. This year was always going to be about him figuring out his approach when pitchers stopped throwing him fastballs to hammer.
  21. Forget where I heard it but I've also heard it pointed out he's not pulling the ball much, which the team might view as a concern that as he moves up the ladder, he'll get chewed up by higher velocities and that might be why they haven't been more aggressive with him, yet, this year. There are reasons for optimism, but also for caution.
  22. .222 BABIP and a .392 OBP currently. His BABIP last year was .352, so who knows what that OBP ends up at if the plate discipline gains are real?
  23. With the consensus here; stick with Soto or get more for him.
  24. Seems pretty even; I'll give Dahl/Bregman the slight advantage; Bergman's younger, plays on the infield, and Dahl gets Coors. Mine:
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