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  1. Well above average hitter 2 of his 4 years in the Majors; still 25; had a major surgery going into 2018. I'm a dynasty owner and am optimistic about this year, though it's certainly make-or-break. I think he's as good of a bounceback candidate as you'll find for 2019.
  2. Yeah, you don't want to be predictable; people will notice if you're constantly calling out bums and if you play with the same people and are usually good, they'll pay more attention to who you're bidding on than who you're nominating, anyway. I usually try to mix: 1) Good players at deep positions I wouldn't mind getting at a discount but anticipate losing 2) Regression candidates or players I consider especially risky. If people catch on that I'm doing this, all the better because of 3 3) Sleepers I like; these usually start coming out when there are still good pl
  3. If everybody else is taking Major League talent, you can set yourself up for a good team by going VERY prospect heavy; if nobody else is doing this, you can end up with a stacked prospect team and high draft picks for the first couple years. In retrospect, nobody in our league did this when we started. The first guy who committed to tanking had a dominant team within 3 years. If I was starting over again, that's probably how I would approach it.
  4. No, you suggested last year didn't happen, which is far more ridiculous.
  5. Yeah, what do the Brewers know about evaluating talent, right? Good luck with him this year; I'm out. There are better gambles than a corner outfielder in a pitcher's ballpark with a poor approach and few stolen bases.
  6. He had 235 PA's in 2018 and stole one base. He'll be a non-factor in stolen bases and was a roughly league average hitter last year with bad defense. His plate approach has moved in the wrong direction the last two years and pitchers started exploiting it more aggressively last year. I don't really get the optimism.
  7. Gotta love the comment that "if we combined him one of those fantasy managers would lose their keeper." Nevermind all of the leagues holding him together with duct tape in anticipation of Yahoo! addressing it. The optimists in my league (myself included) that figured we could do it while Yahoo! figured it out in time for 2019 look like idiots.
  8. I'm a believer but I'm not going to try to pry him from the current owner in our league outside of a "keep 'em honest" offer. The asking price right now is something like 13 years of healthy Hall-of-Fame performance. I get it, but it's not worth trying to acquire him at that price. I think Soto, for example, is right on par with him and I'm not going Soto+ to acquire him. For all his talent, he'll never have speed and will probably end up at 1st, so he's unlikely to dominate fantasy quite like Trout and those premium position guys with speed.
  9. I don't see the May ranking as egregious at all. BP gave him multiple in-person write-ups throughout the year and multiple guys thought he looked legit, and the results matched the reports to boot. Honestly, those looks are one of the best reasons to pay for content; the free sites can't do that. Hell, Sickels got mentioned above and his site got shut down.
  10. I'm cautiously optimistic. He put up better numbers in the AFL and the strikeouts were at a very reasonable level. The Cubans usually have a big window during which they don't get game action and I think that was apparent with robert last year, between the on-field performance and injury issues. I'm hopeful the late showing in the fall league is more indicative of what's coming this season.
  11. Some of those fly balls will clear the fence, too, though. The right field fence in every single AL East ballpark is shorter than the one at Coors Field. Yankee Stadium itself comes in by 36 feet. Granted, I don't know how the lineup shakes out, but I can see some reasons for optimism with a guy who rarely strikes out and regularly puts the ball in the air to right field. I'd guess that's what the Yankees see, too.
  12. You know those aren't hard and fast numbers... they're models prone to biases and errors. That's why Fangraphs' slightly below-average hitter shows up as a slightly above-average hitter on Baseball Prospectus. You can't call a hitter "below average" when "above average" is well within the margin of error.
  13. Yeah, calling DJ a below average hitter isn't really fair; I'd accept average hitter. Fangraphs considers him slightly below-average and BP considers him slightly above-average. Also, for fantasy purposes, the move away from Coors might not help but I'd think it'd help those park-adjusted numbers. Rockies get their home numbers adjusted down quite a bit for those purposes but they also suffer a road game penalty that isn't taken into account. Unless I'm missing something, I'd guess Rockies hitters actually get short-sold on these stats based on that.
  14. Not only is the division winnable, but the NL West is weak and the NL Central will beat up on each other, so a wild card spot could easily be in play. I don't love it as a McNeil owner in fantasy, but the Mets will need depth and a bullpen if they want to make a run and they bolstered both. I'm really not too worried; if he keeps hitting, they'll find at-bats for him and somebody else is bound to under-perform or get hurt.
  15. Nobody could possibly bash all of your posts; you're taking up over half of the page. Was Acuna over-hyped? Trout? Miguel Cabrera? You can disagree about k-rate if you want and I could respect that, but you completely gloss over the prospects who predictably took the Majors by storm and act like every top prospect is a bust. They're not 100% but they sure aren't 0%, either.
  16. Projections love him, too, and they don't take any notice of rankings. Scrubs don't tend to stumble into a ~9% k-rate in the high minors at 19. Steamer has him projected for a 138 wRC+ in the Majors in his age 20 season, which is... good.
  17. I feel like you're overstating his "injury history." He's never had a full season of less than 400 ab's and only twice finished under 500. How many players have a better injury history than that?
  18. What about mixing a dynasty forum with the current MILB forum? Both are concerned with the same things and often there's a good long discussion about players by the time they get to the big leagues.While the MiLB forum is active, the same posts stay on the front page for weeks at a time, so I don't think it would be overly disruptive. I would personally probably still use the redraft forum for most discussion, but occasionally, there are interesting topics that would be better drawn out in a dynasty thread.
  19. Four of the five you mentioned are the only representatives of their teams. Snell couldn't have replaced Jimenez, for example; it would have to be another Tiger.
  20. Thumb sounds like it's still bothering him; DL stint sounds more precautionary than serious.
  21. It's the O's; they've had one save opportunity since he came back and it essentially went to... neither... Britton pitched 1.1 and then Brach ended the game with .2 IP to lock down a 3-run lead. It may be a while before we know for sure if they're using a committee or if somebody has locked down the role. I'm mostly holding in the hopes that he gets dealt because holds and saves are going to be few and far between on this team.
  22. Knee contusion and he was in the dugout afterwards. I'm thinking it's more day-to-day.
  23. Are you asking if a rookie is done? I don't think you need to hold in redraft; it's far murkier in a keeper/dynasty and I wouldn't blame you if you dropped, but "done" seems a little overstated.
  24. I'd imagine if there was any good reasoning behind it, it would have been included. The kid has a 124 wRC+, is on pace for 40+ stolen bases, and has been on a tear after a slow start. Royce Lewis is fine but I have both and would easily prefer to get rid of Lewis if I was offered similar returns.
  25. Guys get hurt and he's 19 years old. If they rushed him back, people would have a problem with that, too. Sometimes there's just no pleasing everybody.
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