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  1. What a freaking disaster it would be for an organization if it got out that they were using false medical diagnoses to manipulate player contracts.There is no precedent because it would be insane and get them sued and nobody would sign there and people would probably go to jail and lose their medical licenses. Also, players have gotten second opinions outside of the team doctors and even disagreed on treatment options before. If Vlad feels fine and TOR doctors tell him he's hurt, there's no way he doesn't go to his own doctor and try to have their diagnosis verified.
  2. The Rangers only in the last week removed him from the leadoff spot. I understand if anybody wants to drop him but if the Rangers have stuck with him that long and the Rays are not giving Mallex Smith the same leash, it certainly tells you something about how the organizations view the players. Hell, Mallex Smith's May OPS was only about .050 higher than Deshields' dumpster fire of a May and that seems like his floor to me. I'd also wager the hamate injury is still causing him problems or was a contributor to the start of the slump. He offers a better ceiling as a leadoff stolen base threat th
  3. I think he's given a chance at shortstop. The reports this year indicate he's started winning people over that previously thought he was going to have to move and I also don't see a whole lot of competition for the position in the Toronto system.
  4. Over his last 10, hitting .368 with 3 HR 4 SB with 4 BB and a 9.5% k-rate.
  5. I also don't agree his prospect status is dropping. He looks more like a starting shortstop than he did before this year and the bat is playing at AA. He has 8 doubles and 4 triples and a k-rate under 20%; it's also apparent the bulk of his work is going towards the glove and it's paying off.
  6. The bulking up thing makes sense. I saw this article in the offseason about him and Carter Kieboom, who both missed a lot of time for the Nationals last year. Soto seemed to take the injury as a learning opportunity and worked on taking care of his body better, including strengthening his wrists and ankles. As unfortunate as it was to lose him for the second half of the year, everybody misses time at some point and you just hope they make the best of it. Soto seems to have; his wRC+ numbers this year are better than anything Vlad's done so far, although he's the same age hitting at levels Vlad
  7. This poor kid is hitting well above-average in a league where he is the second youngest player (well, third with the Soto callup) by a wide margin while looking the part of an everyday Major League shortstop and people think he's slipping because his bat gets compared directly to Vlad...
  8. He hadn't played in games for a while before that stint back in A-ball; he was rusty. You could tell because that 18% strikeout rate was astronomical for him. If you take that stint out, he has a K-rate of 5.58% over almost 200 at-bats between Rookie, A, and A+ in the last year. Add the fact that early slugging numbers are WAY up from last year and this could be an exciting breakout.
  9. Vlad has always drawn a lot of attention due to his name and now has played more and at higher levels than Soto has, so far. A lot more people have seen Vlad Jr. play, as a result, and rightly given him high grades. All the reports I've seen on Soto's swing and approach are glowing but he has far less exposure. That said, some of his numbers are eye-popping; he currently leads the Carolina League in slugging while sporting a 5% strikeout rate! That's not normal and he was basically doing the same thing last year before the injury. Comparisons are tough, especially when Vlad is doing it a level
  10. You have no idea how bad the free agent pitching can be in some leagues...
  11. That depends; is Vlad Jr. available?
  12. You know what comes next: completely wrecking whatever hapless league has the misfortune of being the next one up.
  13. I think I stumbled into the Braves organization discussion...
  14. They were more aggressive last year than they needed to be with him. He was on only very short hot steak at Hi-A when he was moved up. They could have easily let him languish there for half the year and slowed his ascent if they wanted to actively screw him. What the Braves are doing is on the better end of what Acuna could have expected from any MLB team. The Yankees did the same thing with Torres except he put up a .900 OPS and is starting in the majors today.
  15. Yeah, and Ohtani sucked in the spring. Spring numbers don't mean a thing; if he was performing in the regular season, he'd already be up.
  16. Jobs aren't and shouldn't be handed out to the youngest players based on what they might eventually do; jobs need to be taken and Acuna in the very early part of this season hasn't been doing that. It's completely within his control, as stated directly by the GM.
  17. He didn't strike out twice in a game last year until 4/28. I honestly think he's still rusty.
  18. I'd say more likely than not 2B, but I wouldn't be terribly surprised if his defense at shortstop kept improving enough to be serviceable there.
  19. From the team's perspective, maybe Tucker plays well enough to bring something back in a trade and, frankly, if Acuna is loafing or frustrated, that is something he needs to learn to deal with. I don't agree with the decision to send him down but that's done; I'm sure the Braves would love him to make them look bad with a hot streak at AAA. If he's not producing because of frustration or feeling he's better than the level, that is something that is on him and not the organization to work through. FWIW, some of the reports I heard on him in the AFL also acknowledged that he was prob
  20. Bottom line to me at the moment is there's not a glaring need at the Major League level and Acuna isn't forcing the issue at the minor league level. I'm still completely in on Acuna but one of those things has to change, I think, before he comes up.
  21. It is? He's had a relatively healthy MLB career so far, in my book. That said, the quote included only comforts me a little. I've seen pitchers deny that the injury was serious only to find out a day later it required TJ. I'll be holding my breath until the doctors make their recommendation.
  22. He was a high draft pick in a lot of leagues in 2017; the reports then on his hit tool and power were already outstanding. That said, injuries in the minors can be a wake-up call to guys to take care of their bodies better. Just about everybody's going to end up on the DL at some point, so it's just something you deal with and hope something good comes out of it; Soto seems to have learned the lesson. https://www.milb.com/sally/news/toolshed-health-a-priority-for-washington-nationals-juan-soto-carter-kieboom/c-268838230
  23. Regarding making guys stand back from the plate, that's theoretically what the batter's box is for, but obviously three batters into any game, they've all but obliterated that line.
  24. Who cares? He avoids the best offense in the division. Last year, he was a slightly above average pitcher with one of the best offenses in baseball backing him. Maybe in shallow leagues, that doesn't have value, but he's easily rosterable in anything remotely deep.
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